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How to remove the traces of nano magic tape on the wall?

xinstMar 10, 2020

Introducing Xinst Nano Magic Tape Company, you can test the following suggestions:

Double Sided Nano Magic Tape Micro Suction Foam Tape For Temporary Signs And Ipad Holder
1. Add a small amount of ammonia and turpentine mixture with soap to remove a lot of dirt and make the glass more shiny (this article applies to tiles, ceramics, glass, etc.)
2. Repeated sticking and tearing with good sticky transparent glue can remove some appearance.
3. Wipe it off with a little sodium water, maybe with paint thinner.
4, can be dried with a hair dryer, and then gently scrape it.
5. Use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish washing water.
6, wind oil essence scrub.
7. Use special detergent or sports shoes decontamination cream to scrub.
8. The 4b eraser used for drawing is a very soft Korean eraser that can wipe it off.
9.If the trace that has been left for a long time has hardened, you can use a hot towel to soften it and try again.
This should be able to be removed.
Maybe, we can use the polish-removing water to remove the nail polish paint, but since the polish-removing water is likely to cause the original color of the wall to fall off, it is recommended to try it in a small area first.
Maybe, we can take a dry cloth covered with vinegar to cover the whole area of ​​the magic double-sided tape. After the sticky stain of the adhesive is completely wet, we can easily remove it with a ruler.
In addition, you can also use the heating method to soften the glue: Use a hair dryer to soften the glue. When the adhesive force of the glue becomes weak, it can be removed easily. If there are still a few marks, use a polish remover to remove nail polish.
Finally, when erasing, whether using de-glazed water or vinegar, these products must be completely soaked with glue marks to be easily and effectively removed!

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