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Is the nano seamless tape called double-sided tape?

xinst3月 10, 2020

Is the nano seamless tape double-sided tape?

Answer: Nano seamless tape nano tape transparent magic is also called nano tape. It is a type of double-sided tape, but it is different from general double-sided tape in that it is removable, non-residual, and reusable.

Double Sided Nano Magic Tape Micro Suction Foam Tape For Temporary Signs And Ipad Holder
Double-sided tape:
The double-sided tape is a roll-shaped adhesive tape made of paper, cloth, plastic film, and then an elastomer-type pressure-sensitive adhesive or a resin-type pressure-sensitive adhesive is evenly coated on the above-mentioned substrate, which is composed of a substrate and an adhesive. 3, release paper (film).
The meaning of double sided adhesive nano magic tape:
Nano magic tape is also a type of double-sided tape, but it is removable, does not leave adhesive, and can be reused. Generally divided into two types: one is a single-sided non-marking tape, and the other is a double-sided non-marking tape.
The single-sided non-marking tape is positioned on one side and has strong adhesion (fixed position, it is difficult to remove); the other side is weakly transparent / semi-transparent gelatin, which can be removed without residual adhesive and does not harm the appearance of the product.
Nano double-sided magic scotch tape is a double-sided tape with the same tackiness, both of which have removable characteristics, and can be stretched and recovered. The non-marking tape is removable, washed and dried for reuse, environmental protection, and does not leave colloids.

The difference between nano mounting magic tape and ordinary double-sided tape is:
Nano removable double-sided adhesive is removable, sticky, tear-free, non-residual, washable and reusable, while ordinary double-sided adhesive is not. The former is more satisfied with people's living needs.

Nano magic tape transparent features:
1. It is removable, sticky and environmentally friendly, and it is a good helper for the bonding and fixing of various plastic paper packaging;
2. It can be posted repeatedly without leaving traces of double-sided tape, and removable double-sided tape does not damage the appearance of the surface;
3. It can be washed with water. When there is dust or other dirt on the surface, it can be washed with clean water. After drying, it can maintain the original viscosity.
4. The color of the nano double sided magic tape is clear (can be customized), and it can be shifted at will without leaving traces and hurting the appearance;
5. After the separation, there will be no glue residue on the posted object, and the removable double-sided adhesive will not damage the appearance of the posted object;
6. Keep the appearance clean and post it again and again, clean and environmentally friendly, suitable for a variety of substrates.

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