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Fita de folha de cobre de nano carbono

xinst8 de maio de 2020

O material de folha de cobre de nanocarbono é uma nova geração de materiais termicamente condutores à base de carbono. É composto de materiais nano-carbono com alta difusão térmica e folha de cobre ultrafina. Use bem qualquer superfície, enquanto o produto dissipa o calor de maneira uniforme, ele também fornece isolamento térmico em termos de espessura.

A folha de cobre nano-carbono xinst tem boa flexibilidade e usinabilidade, alta condutividade térmica e alta eficiência de radiação de calor.

Nano carbon copper tape heat sink has high thermal conductivity and high flexibility. Surface coating and nano-carbon powder have high thermal conductivity and high heat radiation efficiency.

High Quality Thermally Copper Foil Earthing Adhesive Tape

In the current trend of miniaturization and thinning of electronic product materials, nano carbon copper can provide electronic products to dissipate waste heat and improve its stability and reliability. LBD carbon copper foil series products are mainly made of copper foil materials. After surface treatment and coating of nano-radiation heat dissipation materials, graphite sheets or metal foils that can replace the commonly used electronic systems are provided.

Nano carbon copper foil tape Features and advantages:

● Nano carbon powder has low thermal resistance and high thermal conductivity

● It is self-adhesive, easy to use, high bonding strength

● Meet all environmental requirements including ROHS

● Can be die-cut into different shapes according to design requirements


● Handheld mobile electronic equipment

● Notebook

● chip module

● Wireless communication equipment

Nano carbon copper tape can be used in many fields, such as smart phones, flat panel displays, learning machines, TVs, LCD screens, monitors, rice cookers, microwave ovens, STBs, routers, communication stations, LED lighting, control power, Projector, GPS host, mid-level server, microprocessor, laptop, computer peripherals main circuit board, CPU, memory module, GPS module, radio frequency circuit, screen display circuit, WIFI, Bluetooth module, secondary circuit board, antenna Module, light sensor module, front camera module and other heat sources.

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