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Глобальная эпидемия срочно, автомобильные компании переходят на вентиляторы, предметы роскоши меняют на дезинфицирующие средства, защитную одежду

xinst26 февраля 2020 г.

В случае вспышки болезни немногие страны и регионы смогут избежать нехватки медицинских ресурсов. Так же, как China's cross-border production of masks staged more than a month ago, автомобильные компании в западных странах начали производить через границу медицинское оборудование, такое как вентиляторы, по призыву правительства.

Автокомпания трансграничный вентилятор

According to the British Financial Times report, on March 18 local time, the two major US auto giants GM and Ford stated that they are negotiating with the White House to use vented car factories to make ventilators in response to the growing number of new cases of coronary pneumonia .

A spokesman for GM said that the company's chief executive officer (CEO), Mary Barra, had contacted government authorities on the same day and provided an update on the car companies' shutdown.

Bora also said that GM is working to help the United States find a solution during this difficult time and has partnered with Ventec Life Systems to produce respiratory care products, including ventilators, to fight the new crown virus.

Ventec will use GM's expertise in logistics, procurement and manufacturing to make more ventilators to help save lives.

Ford claims, "We have entered into preliminary negotiations with the US government and are studying feasibility." The company stands ready to help the government overcome the difficulties in any way, and it will support not only the United States, but also the United Kingdom.

Earlier, New York City's Bill de Blasio tweeted that "a ventilator is needed" and hoped that Tes would stretch out a helping hand.

Tesla CEO Musk then responded that he would talk to De Blasio to "understand the potential needs."

22 марта Трамп написал в Твиттере, что три американские автомобильные компании, Ford, GM и Tesla, начнут оказывать помощь в производстве вентиляторов и других медицинских металлических деталей, чтобы помочь системе здравоохранения США пережить кризис.

Trump's ending is still very Trump: "Come on, depot owners, see how much your conscience!

According to The Guardian, the British government on March 15 called on British automakers to switch to medical equipment such as ventilators. Toyota, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, Land Rover, Honda, Nissan and other car companies have said they will help.

Ferrari and FCA Group also said on the 19th that they are negotiating with the country's largest ventilator manufacturer.

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