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Shpjegimi i termave të zakonshëm për materialet prerëse: VHB, PSA, shirit me dy anë pa substrate

xinst30 prill 2020

Shpjegimi i termave të zakonshëm për materialet e prerjes së vdesit Shirit akrilik me forcë të lartë, VHB, forcë ngjitëse e fortëpa substrat

1. Çfarë është shirita shkumë VHB?

VHB (VeryHighBond) - Shirit ngjitës super me dy anë

VHB is the abbreviation of "Very High Bond" in English. Its Chinese translation is: "Very high strength bonding".

VHB is a 3M double-sided polyacrylate foam tape produced by a unique solvent-free manufacturing technology. The foam core material and the surface adhesive are all made of polyacrylate viscoelastic body, not on both sides of the foam core Coating adhesive, which is the biggest difference between VHB products and common foam tapes, can be called "solid glue". This special structure gives the tape a special overall viscoelasticity. The entire tape can effectively dissipate the stress inside the bonding joint through the mechanical relaxation of the tape, thereby effectively protecting the bonding line. The foam core of the VHB tape is a 100% fully closed cell structure, and neither water nor air can pass through.

2.What is PSA?

PSA (PressureSensitiveAdhesive)

Definition: Natural viscoelasticity, fast and long-lasting viscosity. Stickiness occurs when pressure is applied by hand or finger. It does not need water, solvent or heat to react with it to obtain its viscosity. It has considerable holding power (cohesion) ) Have sufficient cohesion and elasticity.


3.What is a double-sided tape without substrate?

The substrate-free double-sided adhesive is directly coated and coated with acrylic acid. The color of the tape is transparent. The common thickness specification is 0.06-0.13MM. It has excellent adhesion effect, can prevent falling off and excellent waterproof performance. Processing Good performance, good temperature resistance, good dimensional stability, thermal stability, good chemical stability, good initial viscosity and holding viscosity; suitable for a wider temperature range and harsh environment; long-term temperature resistance 80-95 ℃, short-term resistance The temperature can reach 180-205 ℃;

Main models: 3M467, 3M468, 3M9731, 3M9473, 3M9460, 3M966, Nitto 5915, Nitto 5919ML, etc .;

Product application: used for pasting panels, pasting shock-proof foam, door and window sealing strips (EPDM), metal and plastic pasting, etc.

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