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Nano-mikro towerband absorberende skuimband teen swaartekrag

xinst16 Februarie 2020

Nano mikro suig skuimband, micro-suction foam tape, adsorption foam, adsorption stickers, mobile phone stickers, bracket adsorption stickers, bracket adsorption foam, leather case adsorption stickers, leather case adsorption foam, anti-gravity mobile phone case adsorption bubbles Cotton, anti-gravity mobile phone case adsorption stickers, micro suction glue is mobile peripheral products, allowing users to use their mobile phones or tablet computers can release their hands, can be used in the car's mobile phone holder. The micro-suction surface is similar to a flat flannel, without any sticky glue, and there is no stickiness when touched. As long as the surface is smooth and flat, it can be easily absorbed. It needs to be removed strongly, the sheet will not be damaged, and it can be reused without degrading performance. If it is dirty, it can be washed repeatedly with water.

Gebruike-industrieel / burgerlik. Vir verseëling / demping, plakplaatjies, hakies, hanggewigte, ens
Features ---- Strong adhesion, excellent shock absorption and crack resistance, and durability, high adherence, waterproof and heat resistance, strong chemical resistance.
Opmerking: Hierdie materiaal word wyd in die motorbedryf gebruik, afhangende van die waterbestandheid, hittebestandheid en sterk weerstand teen chemikalieë.
Signage ----- High adhesion
Car Mirror ----- Sealed / Damping


Toepassing van Nano Micro-suigskuimband:

gsm-houer, selfoonhouer, gsm-houer vir motor, tabletrekenaar, elektroniese produkte met gladde oppervlak, tafel of muur, ens.

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