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Rogers BISCO HT-820 ferm silikoon skuim

Min Order Quantity: 1000 Square Meters
Voorsieningsvermoë: 15000 vierkante meter
Poort: Shenzhen, China
Betalingsvoorwaardes: T / T, L / C, Paypal, Western Union
Levertyd: Ongeveer 10-15 dae

Rogers BISCO HT-820 ferm silikoon skuim

Rogers HT-820 foam is a firm grade silicone foam that offers improved durability and sealing. It is used to seal and protect various outdoor communication, lighting, and electronic enclosures from small dust particles, wind-driven rain, and fire. It offers a higher tear and tensile strength than our lighter grade foams. BISCO® Silicones are available in various thicknesses and manufactured in roll form to allow fabricators to easily convert the material to the proper dimensions.


  • Excellent memory and low stress relaxation reduces maintenance costs associated with gasket failures due to compression set and softening.
  • Resistance to ultraviolet light, ozone, extreme temperatures, and flame enables consistent performance in all environments.
  • Compact cell structure provides improved sealing performance.
  • Available through distribution sites throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.


Available with a pressure-sensitive adhesive on one or two sides to allow easy application to a variety of surfaces.

Verpakking Besonderhede:

Export standard packing for Rogers BISCO HT-820 Firm Silicone Foam. (If customers have special requirements, we also can make accordingly.)

Ons mededingende voordele in die fabriek:

  • Goed mededingende pryse en hoë gehaltebeheer
  • Vinnige aflewering
  • Aardvriendelike produkte
  • In 'n verskeidenheid ontwerp
  • Klein bestelling aanvaarbaar
  • OEM aanvaar

Opmerking: alle gegewens wat in hierdie dokument vervat is, berus op die standaardmetode van China, dit is gemiddelde waardes en moet nie vir 'n spesifieke doel gebruik word nie. Alle verklarings, tegniese inligting en aanbevelings is gebaseer op toetse wat ons glo betroubaar is, maar ons beveel sterk aan dat kliënte hul eie toetse moet doen en moet besluit of die produk geskik is vir 'n spesifieke doel of vir die toepassing.

Hierdie produk-eienskappe is suggestief en alle produkte kan aangepas of omgeskakel word om aan spesifieke toepassingsvereistes te voldoen. Kontak ons ​​asseblief om u unieke toepassingsbehoeftes te bespreek.

3M strong Adhesive VHB Transfer Tape 9469PC For Bonding decorative metal trim

If the Rogers BISCO HT-820 Firm Silicone Foam to your requirement,

U kan gerus die kwaliteitsprodukte wat in China vervaardig word by ons professionele vervaardigers en verskaffers in China koop. Ons is toegerus met 'n produktiewe fabriek tot u diens.

  • Environment seals to protect against penetration of dust, moisture, air, the light within outdoor enclosures such as lighting fixtures, HVAC units, and electronic cabinets.
  • Enclosures requiring a more durable, high closure force gasket.
Property Test Method Typical Value
Kleur Gray
Thickness, mm (inches) Tolerance 0.8-6.4 (1/32 to 1/4) See Reverse
Standard Width, mm (inches) 914 (36)
Density, kg/m³ (lb./ft³) ASTM D 1056 368 (23)
Compression Force Deflection, kPa (psi) Force measured @ 25% Deflection ASTM D 1056 110.3 (16)
Compression Set, % max. ASTM D 1056 Test D @ 70°C (158°F) <1
ASTM D 1056 Test D @ 100°C (212°F) <5
Tensile Strength, kPa (psi) ASTM D 412 345 (50)
Elongation, % ASTM D 412 55
Flammability & Outgassing
Flame Resistance UL 94 Listed V-0 and HF-1
Flame Spread Index (Ls) ASTM E 162 <25
Smoke Density (Ds) ASTM E 662
Tested @ 4.0 minutes <50
Tested @ 1.5 minutes <20
Toxic Gas Emissions Rating SMP-800C Pass


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