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Nastro in schiuma nano micro aspirazione per tablet o smartphone

Luogo di origine: Cina
Marchio: Xinst
Numero di modello: 29001
Adesivo: adesivo in gomma
adesivo su un
Materiale: schiuma acrilica
Caratteristica: resistente al calore
Spessore: 0,5 / 0,8 mm
Colore :Bianco nero

Nano Micro Suction Foam Tape For Tablet or Smartphone Description:

Xinst29001 is developed for use as the non-slip temporary fixation material, cushion foam used for the stationery and electrical appliances, as well as various other general-purpose applications.


Nano Micro Suction Foam Tape For Tablet or Smartphone Construction:

Pellicola protettiva in PE

Micro-suction Side Special Acrylic Foam

PET Film

Acrylic Adhesive Side

Paper Liner

Nano Micro Suction Foam Tape For Tablet or Smartphone Features:

* The micro-suction side is easy to stick and tear repeatedly.

* If the micro-suction side becomes dirty, wipe the surface with a wet tissue and the surface becomes reusable as before.

Why can it stick and tear ?

The backing of Xinst29001 is acrylic foam. One side is ordinary adhesive though, the other side has no glue. The non-glue side has innumerable micro suctions. The suctions can stick and tear on almost any flat surfaces similar to ordinary suction cups. Though the suction force weakens when the surface becomes dirty, you can clean it with a wet tissue or a clear tape, and it will work again.

*For temporary signs

You can fix temporary signs to the wall without bond, adhesive tapes, screws, or nails. Stick the adhesive side to the sign, and fix it to the wall with the micro suction side. You can stick and tear the sign without leaving a residue on the wall.

*As a cell phone or smart phone component

Xinst29001 is used as LCD gaskets in cell phones and smartphones. It shuts out the dust perfectly, and is removable if repairs are necessary. When you drop the phone, the foam absorbs the shock and protects the acrylic or glass window from breaking. As the cushion for the microphone and speaker, it improves the qualitiy of the sound. As the rubber foot of the docking station, you can stick and tear it easily on your desk repeatedly.

*For tablet and smart phone accessories

A fixing a tablet or a smart phone to the case and the front cover on it have become popular applications recently. If used as a rubber foot for a tablet, smartphone, smartwatch dock, you can fix it tightly on a desk and which prevents it from falling down. For a stand of a smart phone or a tablet, Xinst29001 is used for attaching a smartphone or a tablet to the stand and fixing the stand on a desk.

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1. Stand, Docking station (Attaching a tablet or a smartphone / A rubber foot )

2.Smartphone Case, Tablet Case ( Fixing to the case and the front cover )

3. Gasket for internal cell phone components (LCD, Speaker, Microphone e.g.)

4. Stationery fixation (Bookends, Pencil stand e.g.)

*Storing: Please store the product in a tightly wound fashion. It will become wrinkled if it loosens.

Nastro in schiuma nano micro aspirazione per tablet o smartphone Standard:

Color and Thickness


White: 0.5, 0.8

Black: 0.3, 0.5, 0.8







Resistenza alla trazione






Flat surface material

Glass, Metal,

Marble, Plastic etc.

Rough surface

Water surroundings


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