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Refrigerator tape refrigerator strapping tape

xinst12月 15, 2021

XST75305 refrigerator strapping tape is a general-purpose tape with a tensilized polypropylene film backing and pressure-sensitive synthetic adhesive. The tape is designed for a wide variety of industrial and packaging applications. Some typical applications include bundling, reinforcing, strapping, box closing, and appliance securing. The backing provides proper stiffness and excellent abrasion, moisture, and scuff resistance. The pressure-sensitive adhesive is specifically formulated to provide balanced adhesion to most fiberboard surfaces and a wide variety of plastic and metal surfaces. We suggest tests be completed to determine suitability particularly on surfaces other than those previously mentioned.


  • Backing:MOPP
  • Glue: Acrylic
  • Color:Blue


  • Bonds firmly and removes cleanly from a wide variety of surfaces
  • Provides high tensile strength for long lasting hold
  • Resists breaking or tearing even if nicked or punctured during handling
  • Offers excellent adhesion to metal, glass and smooth plastic substrates
  • It could perfect replace 3M8898 , TESA4298


Refrigerator strapping tape Applications:

Appliance (interior)

Appliance (exterior)


Corrugated/Box Closing


Utility Strapping


Filament-reinforced tapes and strapping tapes are high strength, reliable and affordable solutions for product and package integrity. For closing boxes, stabilizing pallets, bundling and reinforcing, securing appliance components during transport and easy-open tear strips, high strength tapes provide important application benefits for manufacturers of piping, metal products, furniture, appliances, automotive parts, sporting goods, and also food and beverage processors




Test Item                                                                        ASTM Test Method


Adhesion to Stainless steel : 7.5N/ inch width                                   D-3330

Tensile Strength: 160 lb/inch width (700 N/ inch width)                   D-3759

Elongation : 32 %                                                                               D-3759

Thickness  4.637mil (0.11 mm)                                                          D-3652


Standard Size


Width: 18 mm (0.71 inch), 24 mm (0.94 inch)


Core Size  (ID): 3 inch (76.2 mm)

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