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xinstJun 21, 2021


3M Tapes main models: 3M Optical Glue OCA: 3M8142ACL, 3M8212, 3M8141, 3M8161, 3M8185, 3M8187, 3M9483, 3M8172, 3M8195, 3M8197, 3MX1077 3M anisotropic conductive film ACF: 3M9703,3M9705,3M9706,3M7303,3M5303,3M7393,3M7379,3M7371,3M7376,3M7378,3M8794,3M5363,3M7313,3M7396,3M5552R 3M electrical tape: 3M7761,3M7763,3M7765,3M7769,3M7805,3M7810,3M9725,3M9740,3M9764,3M9830,3M9780,3M9719,3M9712,3M9713,3M9708,3M9709,3M9709S, 3M9709SL 3M hot melt adhesive film: 3M615, 3M615S, 3M615ST, 3M406, 3M583, 3M688, 3M690, 3M690T, 3MAF-111, 3MAF-43 3M Thermal tape: 3M8805; 3M8810; 3M8815; 3M88203M8940,3M8943 3M Thermal Pad: […]

xinstJun 08, 2021

Nano microsuction foam tape

Nano microsuction foam tape Features-strong adhesion, excellent shock absorption performance and anti-cracking, and durability, high adhesion, waterproof and heat resistance, strong chemical resistance. Remarks: This material is widely used in the automotive industry, relying on it for water resistance, heat resistance, and strong chemical resistance. Signage—–high stickiness The holster absorbs foam, the anti-gravity phone case […]

xinstJun 05, 2021

washable Self adhesive PU sticky Ivy Nano Grip Tape

Sticky Ivy Nano Grip Tape Description: Xinst29002 Ivy Grip Tape is use imported PU glue raw materials, Nano PU gel pad use for mobile phone holder car kits bracket pods, anti-slip mat stick, auto sticky gel holder for cellphone, Pad, Keys. Xinst29002 PU Gel Micro Suction Tape TDS Material: Foam: PU foam Liner: PET Film Color:Black/Clear Total Thickness:0.3mm-3.0mm Micro Suction Sided Adhesion:600-1200 g/25mm Applications: 1)Washable, can be reused more than 2000 times.No adhesive residue -20-100C heat resistance. 2)Custom Size:you can can […]

xinstJun 02, 2021

The characteristics and application of Xinst flame-retardant PP die-cutting material

Flame-retardant PP material is the most widely used modified plastic. PP material has the advantages of low density, non-toxic, colorless, no odor, corrosion resistance, good heat resistance, etc., and excellent processing performance. After flame retardant modification, it is widely used in home appliances, aerospace, chemical, electronic appliances , Machinery, automobile and railway industries. Several common […]

xinstApr 22, 2021

What is tpu hydraulic film and what is the difference between it and tempered film?

The tpu hydraulic film is a kind of soft film made of honeycomb structure and super tough TPU material. The tempered film is made of tempered glass and covered with multiple protective coatings, which has high hardness, wear resistance and scratch resistance. The details are as follows: 1. The material is different: the hydraulic film […]

xinstApr 08, 2021

Rogers PORON polyurethane gasket material combination, lithium-ion battery buffer and vibration isolation solutions

Rogers Corporation recently launched a series of PORON polyurethane electric vehicle (EV) battery gasket materials product portfolio, aimed at providing a complete set of solutions for the buffering and vibration isolation of lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion), including expanded product capabilities. It can provide customers with customized compression stress curves to meet specific design standards. With its […]

xinstMar 25, 2021

Brief description of all-round conductive foam

Everyone usually uses mobile phones, computers, sports bracelets, smart watches and other electronic products. These electronic products are assembled with a variety of electronic materials, one of which is called omnidirectional conductive sponge. Generally, the name of a product is based on the characteristics of the product, so that it is not only easy to […]

xinstMar 24, 2021

Rogers Polyurethane PORON die cut with adhesive uses and applications

1. Rogers PORON die cut Rogers Polyurethane PORON-Microcellular Polyurethane PORON® ThinStik™ PORON ThinStik Soft Seal foam: 4701-15TS1-06021-90P PORON ThinStik Soft Seal foam: 4701-15TS1-06030-90P PORON ThinStik ShockSeal™ foam: 4701-79TS1-09021-04P PORON ThinStik foam: 4701- 92TS1-09020-04P PORON ThinStik foam: 4701-92TS1-12020-04P 2. Introduction   “Strong shock absorption and sealing, reduce space waste, and realize ultra-thin design” With the shrinking […]

xinstMar 19, 2021

What is pu glue and what is it used for?

Pu glue is polyurethane glue, a two-component adhesive pre-polymerized by a resin and emulsion. It is mainly used for bonding wood, aluminum plates, colored steel plates, and metal and polystyrene foam materials. . It has good bonding strength, does not contain organic solvents, and has excellent heat resistance. This product can be cured at room […]

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