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High Tempetraure Polyimide Film Adhesive Tape Label

Product Name:Hight Temperature Kapton Tape Label

Product Model:XST-1025W

Backing: Polyimide film

Adhesive:Perpetual Acrylic

Color:Bright White

Polyimide Film thickness:0.025mm

Total Thickness:0.06mm


Standard Length:200m/400m


Polyimide Film Tape Label Feature:

1.0-280℃ temperature resistance: put in 280℃ solder 5mintues,no fall off, no out of shape,;resist kinds of chemical erosion, wear and tear;keep the quality stability;meet the international standards in lead-free industrial processes;

2.Apply to the top of SMT process

3.Apply to heat transfer printing technology

4.Comply with ROSH standard

Recomended Color bar:

Recomended to use RICOH-D110A /RICOH-B115C/RICOH-B110CRseries heat transfer ribbon

Product Performance Data(Physical Performance)

Test method: use Zebra type printer or DATA MAX-1-4308 type printer and RICOH-D110A carbon or ROCOH-B110CR carbon at the concentration of 25 print sample labels.Before testing ,the sample is placed on the plate steel stainless and allowed to be placed for 24 hours.

Print effect compare:


1.Compared with Quick Check 500B (aperture:0.005",Wave length:660m),produced by Photographic Sciences company.

2.Read Rate:The scan result by Intermec-®1621canner.

3. saponifier:soak 2minutes in 100ºC ion water

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Our Factory Competitive Advantages:

Well Competitive Prices and High Quality Control.
Prompt Delivery.
Earth-friendly Products.
In a Variety of Design.
Small Order Acceptable.
OEM Accepted.

Roll Size: 3″ paper or plastic core;tape width: 2mm -1200mm; standard width: 1200mm, standard length: 50M.

OEM Size: Special length, thickness or combinations can be supplied per customer’s request. Products can be supplied in roll, tape, sheets or shapes per customer’s request. Only you provide the CAD drawing, we can die cut any size for you.

Shelf Life: To obtain best performance, use this product within 12 months from date of delivery and store under normal conditions of 60 ºC to 80ºF (16 ºC to 27ºC) and 40 to 60% R.H. in the original carton.


If the High Tempetraure Polyimide Film Adhesive Tape Label to your requirement, please be free to buy the quality products made in China with our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. We’re equipped with a productive factory at your service.
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Main Usage:

Used in printed circuit board,main board,the mobile phone’s high temperature tag;


anti counterfeiting trademakr;hight grade lighting printing trademark, etc...

Technicial Data:


Polyimide film thickness um 25 ASTM D1000
Ink thickness UM 15
Adhesive thickness UM 20
Total thickness um 60 ASTM D1000
24hour N/100 mm 55
PASTE TO EPOXIDE PC BOARD 20min N/100 mm 32 ASTM D1000
24hour N/100 mm 43
Adhesive weight g/m2 25±0.3 ASTM D1000
Initial adhesive NO/BALL ≤10 ASTM D2979
180° Peel adhesion Kg/25mm Above 0.6 ASTM D2979
Holding Power Hr/kg×25mm Above 48 ASTM D2979
Tensile Strength kg/25mm 13 ASTM D2979
Longation at break % 55 ASTM D2979
Voltage resistance KV >5 ASTM D1000
Temperature resistance –40℃~280℃
Insluation resistance 1.0×1012 ASTM D2979
Stock enviroment Keep  dry,avoid  sunshine  ,keep 10-30℃/60 ﹪
Stock period Year 1



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