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صناعة ختم السيارات في ظل بنية تحتية جديدة ، تغتنم صناعة المطاط الصناعي الفرص

اكسينست14 يوليو 2020

Sealing strip In recent years, the term "new infrastructure" has become very popular. Compared with the “public railway construction” such as highways and railways, the new infrastructure pays more attention to the use of big data as the core technology element to realize the digital transformation of traditional industries. At the same time, the new infrastructure has also spawned many new industry opportunities.

This year's "two sessions", the new infrastructure was included in the government work report. According to statistics, 22 provinces have launched more than 10,000 projects, and the total investment in new infrastructure has exceeded 33 trillion yuan. Huang Qifan, deputy chairman of the China International Economic Exchange Center, believes that the new infrastructure is the strategic basis for leading China's new technology and industrial revolution, and will generate multiple trillion-level investment directions.

In the "new infrastructure", 5G, big data, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, etc. have become the key content. These are of great significance to the construction of smart cars, smart transportation and smart city related facilities. The application of big data and industrial Internet technology will provide assistance to the innovative business model of the automotive industry and the digital development of manufacturing, and enhance the overall level of digital and intelligent manufacturing in the automotive industry. The advancement of the "new infrastructure" will accelerate the speed of innovation in areas including automotive technology research and development, business models, and production models, and will have a disruptive change in the automotive industry.

According to statistics, auto consumption has accounted for more than a quarter of China's total social retail consumption. So far, my country has been the world's largest automobile consumer for 9 consecutive years. The acceleration of "new infrastructure" has brought new opportunities to the traditional auto industry. As one of the industries with the highest degree of correlation with "new infrastructure", the auto industry is expected to become a new outlet again.

In fact, it can also be seen from the key directions of national development that in addition to the intercity high-speed railway and intercity rail transit, the remaining 5G infrastructure, UHV, charging piles, big data centers, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, etc., can be eaten by the automotive industry In terms of policy dividends, the most popular among these is the new energy vehicles that the country has vigorously developed in recent years.

With the development of the entire automobile industry, related industries in the corresponding automobile industry chain will also be promoted. Among them, the important external decoration of commercial vehicles, the sealing strip is also expected to be improved. Therefore, it is the key to the surrounding industries to lay a solid foundation and strengthen its own product development.

Automobile sealing strip is one of the important parts of automobile. It has the function of filling various intermittent and gaps between body components. It has functions of shock absorption, waterproof, dustproof, sound insulation, decoration, etc. It can effectively prevent wind and rain from entering the cabin. , And improve the comfort of drivers and passengers and protect the body of the car.

Sealability is an important indicator of the quality of the entire vehicle, and the automobile sealing strip plays an important role in it.

There are many types of sealing strips, classified by material, such as TPE, TPV, modified PVC, EPDM rubber, etc. Automobile seals belong to automotive exterior parts, and have basic performance requirements for product performance: aging resistance, weather resistance, resilience, compression permanent deformation resistance, high and low temperature resistance, etc.

There are many sealing strips used on the whole automobile, mainly including front and rear windows, door seals, door glass guide groove seals, sunroof seals, roof cover seals, trunk seals, etc. Sealing strips are used wherever body sheet metal or sheet metal and glass need to be combined.

Vulcanized rubber seal

The common rubber material is EPDM, which has excellent comprehensive performance, outstanding weather resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and outstanding chemical resistance, small relative density, and excellent performance in all aspects. Recognized by foreign companies, the shortcomings cannot be recycled.

TPV sealing strip

It has the excellent properties of rubber and plastic, and can be recycled and reused. It is similar to the processing performance of plastics. It has good heat resistance, cold resistance, low density, and solvent resistance. It is similar to neoprene rubber.

TPE sealing strip

It is usually blended and modified with SEBS as the base material, and is usually used in doors, windows, furniture, automobiles, household appliances and so on. With the improvement of people's living standards and the pursuit of quality of life, the importance of the appearance, environmental protection and comfort of the sealing strip is increasingly prominent. TPE sealing strip has the following characteristics:

1. Environmentally friendly and odorless, meeting environmental protection requirements such as REACH and ROHS, and products can be recycled;

2. Small density, equivalent to about 67% of EPDM seals;

3. Good aging resistance and good resilience performance;

4. High production efficiency, simple processing technology, several times faster than rubber, low cost and low comprehensive economic benefits;

Modified PVC sealing strip

PVC material is cheap and easy to obtain, with corrosion resistance, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance and various chemical media, flame resistance, high mechanical strength, the disadvantage is that the plasticizer in the formula is easy to migrate, it becomes hard and brittle with time, and loses its elasticity , Not resistant to aging, poor weather resistance and low temperature performance. Generally dark products. It is suitable for occasions where the illumination is not strong, the temperature change is not big, and the climatic conditions are not bad.

على الرغم من أن مانع تسرب السيارة هو جزء صغير فقط من السيارة ، إلا أنه يضمن ثبات الباب وثقيله ، ويمكنه حماية السيارة من الطقس والغبار والحرارة والصوت. كما أن لها تأثير زخرفي على حافة تقاطع الباب والنافذة. عندما يهتز الجسم ويلتفه ، يمكن لشريط الختم أيضًا أن يلعب دورًا في التخزين المؤقت وامتصاص الصدمات وحماية الزجاج. يمكن ملاحظة أن أي أجزاء صغيرة غير واضحة تحتوي على حكمة كبيرة وترافقها فرص عمل ضخمة.

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