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اكسينست9月 22, 2022

OCA optical adhesive die cutting

I. Operating procedures for OCA optical adhesive die-cu […]

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اكسينست8月 26, 2022

C1100 copper foil copper tape cable winding copper

Red cable winding copper is a kind of metal coated foil […]

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اكسينست7月 08, 2022

Xinst Cloth base tape supply

Xinst Cloth based tape is based on the thermal composit […]

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اكسينست5月 24, 2022

Introduction to Xinst high temperature resistant film

High temperature resistant film is characterized by hig […]

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اكسينست5月 11, 2022

Take you to understand the movable dot glue

Introduction: Removable dot glue, also known as hot mel […]

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اكسينست4月 21, 2022

Die cutting auxiliary materials commonly used in FPC production

The process of producing FPC is complicated. There are […]

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اكسينست4月 18, 2022

Introduction to Xinst MOPP tape

This is a kind of tape composed of polypropylene film w […]

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اكسينست4月 09, 2022

Heat-conducting absorbing Ferrite gasket introduction

The flexible absorbing Ferrite gasket is complicated by […]

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اكسينست2月 14, 2022

What should be paid attention to in the process of OCA optical plastic die-cutting

OCA is a specialty adhesive for bonding transparent opt […]

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