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تصنيع شريط رقائق الألومنيوم مايلر مغلف بـ PET لـ FFC

مكان المنشأ: قوانغدونغ ، الصين
اسم العلامة التجارية: Xinst
Model Number:0603
Material:Aluminum Foil
نوع لاصق
طباعة تصميم
Color:Aluminum Foil
Usage:EMI Shielding
Peel Adhesion:1000g/25mm

تصنيع شريط رقائق الألومنيوم مايلر مغلف بـ PET لـ FFC

Mylar aluminum foil tape is composite material consisting of aluminum foil laminated on to a polyester film base, and this is suited to fields which demand electrical characteristics. Then aluminum foil side coated with conductive or not conductive acrylic adhesive.

Mylar aluminum foil tape Features:

• The PET film can protective the aluminum foil from damaged and oxidized.
• The aluminum foil is conductive. the PET film is Insulation effect.


حجم اللفة:  3" paper or plastic core, mylar aluminum foil tape width: 2mm-1200mm; standard width: 1200mm, standard length: 50M
Special length, thickness or combinations can be supplied per customer's request.
Products can be supplied in roll, tape or shapes per customer's request.

مدة الصلاحية:  To obtain best performance, use this product within 12 months from date of delivery and store under normal conditions of 60 ºC to 80ºF (16 ºC to 27ºC) and 40 to 60% R.H. in the original carton


إذا كان شريط مايلر المحول العازل للحيوانات الأليفة يلبي متطلباتك ، فيرجى أن تكون حراً في شراء المنتجات عالية الجودة المصنوعة في الصين من خلال المصنعين والموردين المحترفين في الصين. نحن مجهزون بمصنع إنتاجي في خدمتكم.


1) كيف تطلب من xinst؟
Just send us email or call us.
2) هل تقدمون عينة مجانية للاختبار؟
Yes, we offer the sample free, but you courier charges.
3) كيفية شحن الطلب؟
We will suggest you the appropriate way of shipment, by sea, by air or by courier. Of course if you will have your own forwarder,
that is no problem.
4) هل يمكننا الوثوق بجودة المنتج من Xinst؟
Sure, do not worry about that. Our quality wills absolutely compliance to the sample we send. If not, we will take charge of that.
5) ما دفع Xinst يقبل؟
For the small quantity, we request 100% advanced TT payment; other conditions, negotiable. Sorry, we did not accept the Credit
card for the time being.
6) ماذا عن المهلة الزمنية لكل طلب؟
If the tape you order have stock, we can ship out within 1~3 days. If there is no stock, you need to wait about 5~12 days. If you
are request the die-cuts, the time shall longer.

نصائح ودية:

If you find our tapes interested, please send your detailed requirements to us. Xinst’s team would offer different solutions to
you within 12 hours. Free samples are also available.

Mylar aluminum foil tape Applications:
• Computer peripheral wire EMI shielding
• Used in coaxial cable, local area network wire and electronic communications cable and other needs of anti interference shielding.
• Electronic equipment shield
• Soft FFC of TV
• Electric wire shield

Mylar aluminum foil tape Specifications:

كود المنتج Xinst0603
اسم Mylar Aluminum Foil Tape
Thickness(mm) 0.09-0.3
لاصق Acrylic
Backing Aluminum Foil+PET
Color Silver
بطانة Paper
Short-term temperature 180
Long-term temperature 120

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