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Características y usos de la cinta de tela de acetato.

xinst15 de febrero de 2020

Cinta adhesiva de goma de tela de acetato de alta temperatura para reparación de pantalla LCD

Se utiliza para aislamiento entre capas y agrupación de transformadores, cables, etc., teléfonos móviles, computadoras, electrónica.

All of the above tapes can be used for electrical insulation 6701. The insulation level can reach B or higher. Among them, 6701 has been approved by UL with a thickness from 0.05mm to 0.22mm. Acetate cloth tape is divided into rubber type acetate cloth and acrylic acid cloth according to the type of adhesive. According to the use requirements of different electrical products, flame retardants need to be added and the base material is subjected to flame retardant treatment. The finished acetate cloth that can reach self-extinguishing (fire) from the fire as a whole is "flame-retardant acetate cloth"; Fuel products, which are ignited immediately and cannot be extinguished automatically, are "non-flammable acetate cloth tape". Generally speaking, the acetate cloth substrate and the adhesive itself cannot be fire-resistant, and require special processing to achieve the "flame-retardant" effect.

Because the acetate cloth substrate has strong moisture absorption and breathability, good resilience, easy to wash and dry, can not afford static electricity and hair balls, and has excellent aging resistance, which can reach more than 15 years. The acetate cloth tape processed with acetate cloth substrate has high temperature resistance, aging resistance, soft conformability, good conformability, easy punching, easy unwinding, acid resistance, alkali resistance, mildew resistance, and other excellent insulation properties. For general glass fiber cloth and glass cloth, it is widely used in TV, transformer, air conditioner, computer and other manufacturing fields.

With the improvement of environmental awareness in various countries around the world, customers have continuously put forward new requirements for the environmental protection requirements of acetate cloth. So far, the acetate cloth tape can meet the requirements of the Sony SS-00259 standard in the electronics industry, meet the EU ROHS requirements, meet the EU REACH requirements, meet the 6P requirements for o-benzyl diformate, and meet the EU halogen-free requirements. UL certification.

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