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Fiberglass thermal conductive tape is made of glass fabric, double-sided coated advanced thermal conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive. Xinst-P80XXC series provides a better way for applications requiring good adhesion strength and superior thermal conductive efficiency. Xinst-P series is suitable to apply to electronic mechanical components assembly such as the heat sink module and LED light bar module to provide a better heat-transfer path between heat-generating components and heat sink or other cooling devices.


  • 完全な厚さの標準が利用可能です。
  • さまざまな構造がさまざまなアプリケーション向けです。
  • 安定していて経済的です。
  • 優れた接着強度と熱伝導効率。

Thermally Conductive Glue Tape For LED Strip


Export standard packing for Double-Sided Fiberglass Thermal Conductive Adhesive Tape. (If customers have special requirements, we also can make accordingly.)


  • 競争力のある価格と高品質管理
  • 迅速な配達
  • 地球にやさしい製品
  • さまざまなデザインで
  • 少量注文可
  • OEM承認済み

注:このドキュメントに含まれるすべてのデータは、中国の標準テスト方法に基づいています。これらは平均値であり、特定の目的に使用しないでください。 含まれているすべてのステートメント、技術情報、および推奨事項は、信頼できると思われるテストに基づいていますが、クライアントが独自のテストを行い、製品が特定の目的または適用方法に適しているかどうかを判断することを強くお勧めします。

これらの製品プロパティは示唆に富むものであり、すべての製品は特定のアプリケーション要件に合うようにカスタマイズまたは変換できます。 独自のアプリケーションのニーズについては、お問い合わせください。

  • Assembly of the heat sink and DDR-RAM module.
  • Assembly of the LED light bar module and metal frame bezel.
  • Die-cut piece and Laminate.
  • Applied to the chip, flexible circuit boards and high-power transistors and heat sinks or other cooling device bonding.
Products No. P8010N P8015N P8020N P8025N P8030N P8040N
Carrier Type No No No No No No
Blue Film 0.08mm
Roll Length Standard Maximum 50M 50M 25M/50M 25M/50M 25M 25M
Roll Width 1030mm
接着剤の厚さ 0.1mm 0.15mm 0.2mm 0.25mm 0.3mm 0.4mm
Tape Total Thickness Tolerance 0.1mm±10% 0.15mm±10% 0.2mm±10% 0.25mm±10% 0.3mm±10% 0.4mm±10%
180 Peel Adhesion (PSTC-101) (N/25mm) >12.5 >14.2 >15.6 >17.5 >18.2 >18.5
Temperature Tolerance
Long Term °C(°F)
Short Term °C(°F)
120 (248)
180 (356)
120 (248)
180 (356)
120 (248)
180 (356)
120 (248)
180 (356)
120 (248)
180 (356)
120 (248)
180 (356)
(PSTC-7) (Hr)
>48 >48 >48 >48 >48 >48
Adhesion (kg/inch) 1.1 1.4 1.4 1.4 1.4 1.5
Voltage Resistance (kV) 2 2.5 3.5 4.1 5 6
Initial Tack (kg/inch) >0.6 >1.3 >1.3 >1.3 >1.3 >1.3
Thermal Conductivit ASTM D22470 (W/m-k) 1.2
Temperature Range of Usage -20°C~+120°C
保管と保管寿命 Store in original cartons at 23℃±5℃ and 60%±10% relative humidity in order to obtain best performance, besides use these products within 15 months from date of manufacture

Storage and Shelf Life:

Store in original cartons at 23 ±5°C and 60%±10% relative humidity in order to obtain the best performance, besides using these products within 18 months from the date of manufacture.

Important Notice:

  • This document is the property of XST tape. Please consult with us before using it.
  • This document for any purpose other than that for which it was intended.
  • The data provided herein are measurement only and are not guaranteed. Please make sure the product is capable of the application before actually tempting to put it to use.
  • Users assume all risk and liability associated with such use.


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