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xinstSep 22, 2022

OCA optical adhesive die cutting

I. Operating procedures for OCA optical adhesive die-cutting before startup Check the handover record and understand the equipment operation; Check the die cutting quantity and product quality according to the production scheduling plan and the requirements of the production construction sheet; After checking and confirming that there is no foreign matter on the machine, the […]

xinstAug 26, 2022

C1100 copper foil copper tape cable winding copper

Red cable winding copper is a kind of metal coated foil, which has good corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and compression resistance. The types of metal clad foils to which copper foil belongs include: clad flat foil, copper foil, corrugated clad pad, heat exchanger, and anisotropic clad pad. The corrugated metal clad foil is made of […]

xinstJul 08, 2022

Xinst Cloth base tape supply

Xinst Cloth based tape is based on the thermal composite of polyethylene and gauze fiber. Then apply high viscosity synthetic glue, which has strong peeling force, tensile resistance, grease resistance, aging resistance, temperature resistance, water resistance and corrosion resistance. It is a kind of high viscosity adhesive tape with relatively large adhesion.   Application: Xinst […]

xinstMay 24, 2022

Introduction to Xinst high temperature resistant film

High temperature resistant film is characterized by high heat resistance grade. High temperature resistant films are those whose temperature resistance reaches more than 200 ℃, while those whose long-term working temperature reaches more than 180 ℃ of H grade can be called high temperature resistant films according to the heat-resistant grade of film insulating materials. […]

xinstMay 11, 2022

Take you to understand the movable dot glue

Introduction: Removable dot glue, also known as hot melt glue point, dot glue, fixed point glue, removable tape, dot glue, granular glue, runny nose glue point, positioning glue point, bean glue, traceless removable glue point, traceless glue point, industrial glue point and universal glue point, is a kind of small glue point formed by die […]

xinstApr 21, 2022

Die cutting auxiliary materials commonly used in FPC production

The process of producing FPC is complicated. There are more than 20 processes required from material drilling to packaging and shipment. In this long production process, a variety of auxiliary materials will be used according to the needs of customers. The base material of FPC is generally double-sided or single-sided copper foil, which is the […]

xinstApr 18, 2022

Introduction to Xinst MOPP tape

This is a kind of tape composed of polypropylene film with medium tensile strength and natural rubber. It is mainly used in household appliance manufacturing industry, automobile and furniture industry. It is used to fix, package and strengthen protection. It is removed and torn off without leaving residual glue, marks and discoloration. It can replace […]

xinstApr 09, 2022

Heat-conducting absorbing Ferrite gasket introduction

The flexible absorbing Ferrite gasket is complicated by the soft magnetic powder and the polymer material, with high magnetic permeability, wide frequency band absorbing, anti-bending, high mechanical strength, good processability. By absorption, electromagnetic wave radiation, cavity resonance, rolling substrate radiation noise, cable conduction noise interference, The sound absorbing material is a functional composite material that absorbs […]

xinstFeb 14, 2022

What should be paid attention to in the process of OCA optical plastic die-cutting

OCA is a specialty adhesive for bonding transparent optical components such as lenses. It is required to be colorless and transparent, with a light transmittance of more than 90%, good bonding strength, and can be cured at room temperature or medium temperature, and has the characteristics of small curing shrinkage. In short, OCA is a […]

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