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Application of silicone foam in various industries

xinstOct 21, 2021

Silicone foam, also known as foamed silicone, is a new type of high-resilience, low-density organic material. It has high and low temperature resistance, low compression deformation rate, excellent mechanical fatigue resistance, and also has an environmentally friendly, odorless, waterproof and fireproof surface And other materials. It is widely used in various industries and products in daily life.

Siliconefoam new energy automobile industry

As the core energy supply station of new energy vehicles, the battery is subject to multiple tests such as high and low temperature, dust and humidity in the entire body, which shows how important the protection of the battery shell is; the silicone foam material is resistant to high and low temperatures, waterproof and flame retardant. , High-performance sealing and other properties can be used as a protective cover for the battery shell, escorting the driving of the car.

Application of Silicone Foam Electromagnetic Shielding Material in 5G Base Station

The base station housing is generally made of aluminum alloy cast iron. In order to connect the aluminum base station housing into a continuous conductor, the electromagnetic shielding effect of conductive silicone foam is used to achieve this, because the base station is basically set outdoors, long With time to withstand high temperature, severe cold, humidity and other corrosive environments, the working environment is relatively harsh, so the thermally conductive silicone foam used for the shell must have strong anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet capabilities.

Application of Silicone Foam 5G High-speed Rail Aircraft

In addition, siliconefoam is used in high-speed railways and automobiles for shock absorption, sealing, buffering and noise reduction; indoor and outdoor waterproof and flame retardant, small household appliances assembly lines, and various products that require heat insulation, sound insulation, and anti-static.

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