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Various applications of foam tape in smartphones

xinstOct 21, 2021

Smart phones are becoming more and more ultra-thin in design, so the demand for various parts and materials used in mobile phones is also getting thinner. In order to meet these requirements and the ever-increasing needs and expectations of the market, we will continue to explore new possibilities for bonding different smart components. Therefore, the foam tape on the mobile phone must meet different functions, such as conductivity, shielding, waterproof, shockproof, etc., in addition to the strict adhesive application solution.

xinst foam tape
xinst foam tape

Use of foam tape in mobile phones:

1. Structural bonding;

2. The screen is fixed;

3. Optically clear posting;

4. Film and graphite sheet posting;

5. The component is fixed;

6. Sealing and buffering;

7. Bonding and separation;

8. Shielding and grounding, etc.

Smart phones are becoming thinner and more sophisticated. The complex design requires the reduction of the bonding area, not only requires the tape to have excellent adhesion and shock resistance, but also has outstanding durability and weather resistance for various appearances. To improve equipment stability.


How to classify foam tape, the common ones are as follows:

1. PE foam double-sided tape
PE foam double-sided generally refers to a double-sided tape made of PE foamed substrate coated with acrylic glue on both sides. The main colors of this foam double-sided tape are white, black and gray. It is generally suitable for the pasting and fixing of photo frame decoration strips, furniture decoration strips, car decoration strips, corrugated boards, wheel arcs, baffles, brake lights, car logos, motorcycle logos, electrical nameplates, wool strips, etc., with adhesion Strong strength, good persistence, UV resistance, temperature resistance, water resistance, solvent resistance and plastic resistance characteristics. Generally, it can be used between -20℃~120℃.

2. EVA foam double-sided tape

EVA foam double-sided mainly refers to a double-sided tape made of EVA foamed substrate coated with adhesive on both sides. Its adhesives include oil glue, hot melt and rubber glue, with rich colors, white, gray, black and other colors. This foam double-sided tape has good shockproof and cushioning properties, airtight cells, good sound insulation, and insulation. It has the advantages of heat, moisture resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and meets environmental protection requirements. It is generally applicable to various electronic products, electrical appliances, cars, communications, computers, toys, household hooks, sports equipment, plastics, hardware and other industries as auxiliary materials. The usual density is between 38 degrees and 48 degrees, especially the density is between 50 degrees and 80 degrees, and the common thickness is 0.5mm-50mm. Generally, we use white or yellow release paper, generally between 20°C and 60°C. Be applicable.

3. PU foam double-sided tape

PU foam double-sided generally refers to a double-sided tape made of PU foam (polyurethane) substrate coated with acrylic glue on both sides. Its colors are white and black, and the commonly used thickness is 0.8mm and 1.6mm. It is mainly covered with blue release paper with checkered. Generally, it has strong adhesion, good stickiness, water resistance, good hardness, good resistance and weight resistance. With strong capabilities, this foam double-sided is suitable for bonding and fixing hooks, billboards, drawing boards, plastic strips, metal sheets, etc., generally between -20°C and 120°C.

4. Acrylic foam double-sided tape

Acrylic foam double-sided generally refers to a double-sided tape formed by coating acrylic glue on both sides of an acrylic foamed foam substrate. Its colors are white, gray, transparent and black, and the thickness is also relatively large. The main specifications are 0.25mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.64mm, 0.8mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm. There are white release paper and red release film. This foam has the advantages of high adhesion, high persistence, water resistance, temperature resistance, and strong load-bearing ability. It is the best one among all foams. , Can be used for bonding and fixing of anti-scratch strips, pedals, sun visors, sealing strips, anti-collision strips, rear fenders, nameplate decoration strips, door maintenance strips, glass curtain walls, metal products, etc., generally at -20℃- Applicable between 120°C.

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