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C1100 copper foil copper tape cable winding copper

xinstAug 26, 2022

Red cable winding copper is a kind of metal coated foil, which has good corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and compression resistance. The types of metal clad foils to which copper foil belongs include: clad flat foil, copper foil, corrugated clad pad, heat exchanger, and anisotropic clad pad. The corrugated metal clad foil is made of expanded graphite, asbestos free plate, polytetrafluoroethylene, ceramic fiber, etc. as the filler, and coated with metal sheets of stainless steel, tinplate, red copper and other materials by a specific cold working process. It is especially suitable for high-temperature and high-pressure sealing parts such as heat exchangers and pressure vessels.


Red copper is a simple substance of copper, named after its color of purple red. See copper for various properties. Red copper is industrial pure copper, with a melting point of 1083 ℃, no isomeric transformation, and a relative density of 8.9, five times that of magnesium. The mass of the same volume is about 15% heavier than that of ordinary steel. It is generally called red copper because of its rose red color and purple color after the oxide film is formed on the surface. It is copper containing a certain amount of oxygen, so it is also called oxygen-containing copper.


Thickness: 0.025-0.8mm
Width: 10mm-1000mm
Materials: H62, H65, H68, H70, H80, H90, c2600, C2680, c2700, C5210, C5191, c51000, qbe2.0, c1100, T2, etc
Hardness: O, 1 / 2h, 3 / 4h, h, eh, SH, etc.

Red copper tape winding copper-1
Red copper tape winding copper-1


It has high conductivity and strength, and has good human, cold and hot processing performance and welding performance.


Cable winding copper Application:
Suitable for discrete elements, IC lead frame materials, LED lighting, relays, terminal connectors, BGA substrate heat dissipation materials and connectors.

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