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OCA optical adhesive die cutting

xinstSep 22, 2022

I. Operating procedures for OCA optical adhesive die-cutting before startup
Check the handover record and understand the equipment operation;
Check the die cutting quantity and product quality according to the production scheduling plan and the requirements of the production construction sheet;
After checking and confirming that there is no foreign matter on the machine, the machine shall be thoroughly checked and adjusted.


OCA Optically Clear Double Sided Adhesive Tape-03
Ⅱ. Operating specifications for OCA optical adhesive die-cutting before startup and production
Check whether the die cutting is the same size as the box sample.
Check whether the product has a mouth.
Select the base template material according to the product quantity, paper type and carton structure.
Install the die cutting plate and lock the fastening screws to prevent the die cutting plate from loosening. Make the bottom template, and the thickness of the bottom template is the paper thickness of the die-cutting product.
Install the bottom template, clean the sundries on the surface and lock it.
Adjust the die-cutting pressure according to the paper thickness. When adjusting, the pressure should be gradually increased from light to heavy to 80% penetration, otherwise the equipment will be damaged.
Adjust the position of the upper and lower ejector pins of the paper stripper and lock them.
After adjusting all parts, produce samples according to the box sample requirements, check that there are no quality problems, and then normal production can be carried out after the sample is signed by the supervisor.

Ⅲ. Operating specifications for OCA optical adhesive die-cutting
The operation shall be carried out according to the production requirements and sample signing standards of the construction order.
During the production process, sampling inspection shall be conducted every 5-10 minutes. If there are quality problems, they shall be reported in time, and production can be continued after they are solved.
After each die cutting, a comprehensive inspection shall be carried out and the Die Cutting Process Sheet shall be filled in. In case of quality problems, the products shall be separated in time and the Abnormal Product Flow Sheet shall be filled in.
In case of any material problem, stop production, fill in the Feedback Form of Poor Quality of Production Materials, and let relevant departments coordinate to solve it, so as to prepare for subsequent production.

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