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Common inspection standards for die cut materials

xinstJul 08, 2020

In die-cutting production, the choice of die-cutting materials is directly related to the quality of die-cut products. For each die-cutting factory, the appearance, quality, material, and die-cutting methods of die-cut materials should have a set of standards in order to Reduce unnecessary loss and waste in the die cutting process, improve die cutting efficiency and yield.

Before the die-cut production, we often make a preliminary judgment on whether the product is qualified and usable. The following editors will summarize the appearance inspection standards of some common die-cut materials (conductive cloth, adhesive, double-sided adhesive, foam, metal foil) with you.

Conductive cloth:

The conductive cloth is made of fiber cloth (generally commonly used polyester fiber cloth) as the base material, and after pre-treatment, electroplated metal plating is applied to make it have metal characteristics and become conductive fiber cloth.

Acrylic adhesive Plain Conductive Cloth Tape Polyester Fiber Cloth Tape For Transformer


Adhesive refers to the use of stickers on the back of the object to achieve the effect of fixing and bonding.

Double-sided tape:

Double-sided adhesive is a roll-shaped adhesive tape made of paper, cloth, plastic film as a substrate, and then evenly coating an elastomer-type pressure-sensitive adhesive or a resin-type pressure-sensitive adhesive on the above-mentioned substrate. , Release paper (film) or silicone oil paper.


Foam is a material foamed by plastic particles, referred to as foam.

Metal foil:

The metal foil is a thin metal sheet expanded from metal.

The above listed are just some common methods, and the above die cutting materials are also more common. Other inspection standards for the appearance of die-cut materials should be based on the different characteristics of the material

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