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Die-cutting application of PET ultra-thin double sided adhesive tape

xinstApr 27, 2020

Electronic pet double sided tape is generally made of plastic film or paper as a base material, and then the adhesive is evenly coated on the above base material to form a roll-shaped adhesive tape composed of a base material, glue, and release film. Partly composed. It is a product that gradually grows with the development of electronic products and an indispensable auxiliary material in the production process of electronic products.

0.2mm Thickness Equivalent to Tesa 4965 Red PET Film Double Sided Tape
With the development of smart products, the development trend of modern smart devices is to have more functions, small size, and strong performance. In order to save the internal space of the product, the parts of the smart product have become more delicate, and the gap between the parts has also become more and more Fine, this puts higher requirements on the adhesive film, so many electronic products need more and more ultra-thin double-sided adhesive, especially to be able to bond between the tiny gaps, which is the double-sided adhesive The thickness and the adhesive force have put forward more demanding requirements.

Features of PET ultra-thin double-sided adhesives:

1. The ultra-thin double-sided adhesive is suitable for the process applications that more and more thin and light products are pursuing, and the thin material will not affect the thermal conductivity of functional material products.

2. Using PET release film, produced in a clean and dust-free workshop, will not produce pollution, and has a relatively high light transmittance.

3. Adopting high-performance acrylic adhesive, it has good adhesion to various materials such as graphite, evening film, ultra-thin foam, and stainless steel heat sink.

4. Due to the dielectric properties of PET, it can also be designed as a cladding film during die cutting to achieve the insulation of functional products.


Application of PET ultra-thin double-sided adhesive:

1. Application of low-resistance heat of graphite, absorbing materials, evening glue, etc.

2. Insulation application of metal film coating

3. Adhesive application of foam and other materials

4. Fixation of the internal structure of electronic components

5. Miniature parts, films or metal foils in fixed electronic equipment;

6. Bond the graphite film to the back shell or chip of the mobile phone.

Graphite cooling film for PET ultra-thin double-sided tape

PET double-sided tape is an indispensable material in the calendering process of heat dissipation graphite film. Graphite heat dissipation film is a brand-new heat conduction heat dissipation material. Its main function is to shield heat sources and components while improving the performance of electronic products.

The graphite heat dissipation film has a unique grain orientation and uniform heat conduction in both directions. The lamellar structure can be well adapted to any surface, shielding heat sources and components while improving the performance of consumer electronic products. The product evenly dissipates heat while also providing thermal isolation in terms of thickness.

The reason why it can be designed as a graphite heat dissipation film also uses the plasticity of graphite. The graphite material can be made into a sheet like a sticker, which can be attached to the circuit board inside the mobile phone. This not only blocks the contact between the originals, but also plays a role in earthquake resistance.

Now the solution of graphite heat dissipation film has been widely used in various electronic products such as mobile phones, notebook computers, LEDs, switches and so on.

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