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Double sided adhesive tape and conductive shielding material die cut

xinstJul 17, 2021

Double sided glue mold and conductive shielding material die cut:
Applicable to paste, fixation, conductive, insulation, anti-vibration, sealing, dustproof, and protected from various components.

Main materials: low VOC tape, VHB tape, acrylic foam double-sided tape, TPU tape, OCA optical tape, AB double-sided tape, LOCA liquid optical glue, etc. Deficient, no trace hook tape, silicone rubber tape. Personalized R & D, customization and die cutting of various tapes. All international brands such as Total Proxy Tape Tape, Tongyang Tape, Glycotherapy, Glue, Soken Tape, Toyochem,

3M Tape. Foam tape series, VHB acrylic tape, high-strength double-sided tape, thin film tape, glass fiber tape, protective film tape, high temperature resistant paper tape, confidential anti-pseudo tape, copper foil aluminum foil tape, single-sided sponge tape, conductive Conductive resistant rubber tape, sealing waterproof tape, abrasive tape, etc. And new product development and die cutting of various adhesive products.

die cutting of various adhesive products.
die cutting of various adhesive products.


Conductive shielding material die:
Main functions: conductive shielding, one-sided conductive side insulation, double-sided insulated intermediate conductive prevent loose, prevent impact noise, prevent adhesion, etc.

Main materials: imported and domestic conductive bubbles, conductive cloth tape, conductive copper aluminum foil tape, conductive rubber, etc.; copper foil (Cu), aluminum foil (Al), Maira guideline; insulating sheet; green paper; kapton Finger); fire fast barboard: composite materials (Cu-PET, Al-PET), EMI and other composites.

(1) Surrounded by LEDs: prevent leakage, absorption impact, and improve the airtightness.
(2) Peripheral: absorption impact, absorption vibration, fill the gap, heat insulation effect.
(3) Keyboard gasket: bounce, no pollution, dimensional stability.
(4) around the battery: no pollution, absorption of impact sound, improve the anesthesia.
(5) Foot pad: good abrasion, no pollution, good dimensional stability.
(6) Sub-discharge pad: absorbs vibration, prevent impact noise, and improve the anesthesia.
(7) Friction gasket: good friction, no pollution, good dimensional stability.
(8) Cover cushion: absorbs vibration, block motor noise, shockproof, improve the airtightness.
(9) Surrounded by the speaker: prevent noise and fill the gap.
(10) surrounding the LCD: dust, absorption impact, filling the gap, and improve the light shielding.

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