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Introduction and use of PET silicone protective film

xinstJul 05, 2021

PET silicone protective film is a protective film mainly used to protect the screen of electronic products. It has high-precision extrusion coating, high cleanliness, no white spots, white fog, sand holes, no wire drawing, no scratches, etc. It has the characteristics of low viscosity, high adsorption, fast automatic bubble discharge, high temperature resistance, good chemical solvent resistance, easy to cut, easy to tear, and no residual glue.

PET silicone protective film-1
PET silicone protective film-1

Advantages of PET silicone product protective film:

1. The high light transmittance of the protection film of PET silicone products is generally used for the maintenance of the display surface.

2. PET silicone product protection film generally has a self-priming type to the expected target, suitable for mirror glass laminated glass tempered glass, display screens, plastic boxes and other relatively smooth surface maintenance.

3. PET silicone product protection film also has the advantage of rapid exhaust valve, so most people prefer this kind of silicone product protective film when sticking to the display. Since it is not easy to be like the acrylic sheet protective film, there will be more air bubbles attached to it, which will damage the appearance.

4. PET silicone product protection film has relatively stable adhesion, generally does not cause slag, has a certain heat resistance expected target, and can be used for long-term applications in high temperature venues.

5. The oxidizing agent of the protection film of PET silica gel products is also better. It is suitable for places where the oxidizing agent is as careful as possible.

6. The adhesive of the protection film of PET silicone products is not delamination like that of the protection film of acrylic sheet, so its own clean room level is also very high.

Application of PET silicone protection film:

Widely used in mobile phone digital, electronic display, automotive applications, household appliances, glass manufacturing, printing, medical and other surface protection.

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