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Properties of Electrically conductive double sided tape

xinstMar 18, 2020

Electrically Conductive substrate-free double sided tape Description:

3M XYZ-Axis Electrically Conductive Double Sided adhesive Tape 9713

Suitable for bonding copper foil, aluminum foil, conductive cloth and other materials. Product characteristics: Low resistance, matched with low surface resistance material, can achieve EMI shielding, electrostatic discharge and guidance. Temperature holding force: (PSTC-7) Temperature resistance 60 ℃. Coating thickness: 0.040mm ~ 0.045mm Product specifications: Width: 10mm ~ 1240mm Length: 100M ~ 800M Resistance value: 0.01Ω ↓

Electrically Conductive double-sided tape is a high-performance pressure-sensitive conductive adhesive with excellent adhesive properties. After cleaning the parts to be bonded, attach the electrically conductive double sided tape and compact it at the same time, it can provide high-performance bonding and conductive properties.

Instructions for use: Ensure that the bonding surface is clean during use, otherwise clean the surface to be bonded with a cleaning solvent and dry before bonding. The bonding surface must be dry, and the humid environment will affect the linear release of polyethylene in the colloid, resulting in a decrease in viscosity. Do not repeatedly peel off after bonding, otherwise it will affect the bonding performance. The conductivity is directional, that is, the "Z" direction of the two bonded bodies, the performance is the best. Product advantages: conductive double sided tape is a roll material, which can be freely die cut or cut into different widths of tape; has excellent anti-aging and UV resistance

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