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Fluorine release film Introduction

xinstMay 19, 2020

Fluorine release film is based on PET, coated with release agent on its surface. The surface of the fluorine release film produced by Chen Technology is flat and smooth, and the coating is uniform, free from defects such as particles and bubbles. The product has the advantages of excellent physical and mechanical properties, small thickness tolerance, high transparency, low heat shrinkage, and good flexibility. Applicable to high temperature silicone pressure sensitive adhesive tape composite die cutting punch type, easy to peel after use.

The application principle of the Fluoride release membrane is the same as that of the release film, which mainly plays a role of anti-sticking, but it is different from the silicone oil release film. Fluorine is in the form of fluoride in the fluorine release film There are no product problems such as silicon transfer and reverse release.

The characteristics of fluorine release film:

1. Fluoride release membrane is not easy to produce chemical reaction, good temperature and humidity resistance, moisture-proof, oil-proof, play a role in product isolation.

2. Good high temperature resistance, smoothness and strength.

3. The fluorine release film can prevent the prepreg from sticking and protect the prepreg from contamination.

According to the different applications of Fluoride release membrane , the products are divided into the following three categories:

1. Wet coating

The release surface of the Fluoride release membrane is coated with silica gel evenly on the substrate and enters the oven at high temperature for curing together with the silica gel, which is called wet coating.

Second, hot paste

Fluoride release membrane is placed at the bonding place. When there is still temperature after PET or PI is coated with silicone, it will be bonded to the Fluoride release membrane . The Fluoride release membrane does not need to enter the oven after high temperature, but when the silicone tape has residual temperature Closely adhered to the Fluoride release membrane , called hot stick.

Three, cold paste

Fluorine release film is laminated with silicone products, such as 3M silicone double-sided adhesive 9731, 3M9119, 3M4377, etc., to be processed by punching, or to make the finished product required by customers. The temperature is called cold paste.

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