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How to correctly use 3M double-sided tape to paste better?

xinst12月 17, 2020

3M double-sided tape is more and more widely used, but it is found that many people still cannot use it correctly. For example, in the process of 3M double-sided tape, many users directly tear open the wrapping paper, and everything is simple with a few presses. But in fact, if there is no uniform compression. In the process of subsequent use, the possibility of falling will greatly increase. Below xinst shares the correct paste of 3M double-sided tape to make the paste effect more obvious.


1. Before we stick the plate, we put the plate, tape and plate roller at the same room temperature for a period of time;

2. Before the plate is applied, the printing plate and the plate cylinder must be cleaned;

3. If you paste the plate on the sleeve, you must use a small air pressure to prevent the sleeve from deforming;

4. The joint of the double-sided tape should be staggered with the joint of the printing plate;


3M5608A tape replacement-6
3M5608A tape replacement-6


5. When sticking the tape, it is better to use a squeegee to evenly paste the tape on the roller in a parallel sweep, and there should be no bubbles between the tape and the plate roller; (if any bubbles remain, use acupuncture to remove them)

6. Before determining the position of the printing plate, avoid premature contact between the printing plate and the tape. After determining the printing position, remove the protective layer of the tape while attaching the printing plate to the tape in a parallel sweep with a squeegee;

7. When cleaning the printing plate during the printing process, avoid the cleaning solvent from contacting the tape to avoid damage to the tape;

8. When removing the printing plate from the tape, the angle between the printing plate and the tape should not be greater than 90 degrees.

9. Leave about 5mm at the interface of the plate, and use 3M 1600 electrical insulating tape to seal the plate. It can effectively avoid the ink pollution caused by the warping of the plate interface caused by the rubbing, and it is very economical.

10. Excessive and repeated use of double-sided tape will cause poor overprinting, especially when there are new ones in a set of plates and long-term use.

From the specific use of the above 3M double-sided tape, we can see that the more attention to detail in the use process, the better the use effect.

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