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What problems are easy to occur in the die-cutting process of release paper?

xinst12月 22, 2020

Release paper is actually a type of release paper, which is called release paper, risolation paper, silicone oil paper, etc. by many people. Its main function is to prevent prepregs from sticking to each other. It is generally composed of a three-layer structure. , The first layer is the bottom paper, and then the film is coated, and the back is silicone oil. Now release paper has been widely used in electronic products, automotive foam and medical fields, but in most cases, it is used with viscous materials. So what problems are easy to appear in the die-cutting process of release paper?


1. This kind of paper is easy to tear off when it is pasted, but it is difficult to peel off after one cycle (24 hours), and it cannot be pulled off after three cycles. This kind of release paper is mainly unstable, the paper density is not good, the coating is uneven, and its impermeability is poor. Therefore, the glue can penetrate into the release paper during a cycle of pasting, so it cannot be peeled off! So it must Replace the paper with better density, better paper, uniform silicon coating, and lower paper.

2. Imported double-sided tape has poor peeling. Many tapes will have this phenomenon, because the physical properties of imported double-sided tape are different. The conventional ones are mainly 3M, Nitto, Sony, Sekisui, TESA, etc. If the material has a base material, many manufacturers use a base paper for die cutting for convenience, which leads to poor peeling. Therefore, it is necessary to judge the adhesiveness of the tape, and use the backing paper separately when the adhesiveness of the tape is relatively poor.


3. The tape used for pasting can be used normally, but it is difficult to discharge waste after die cutting or because the product is too small to be peeled off. In this case, we should pay attention to it. Some products are easy to pick up during the waste disposal process, which shows that the peeling force is too light. You can choose to try a little heavier. It is also normal if it cannot be peeled or the peeling is poor (especially if there is no substrate), because the product area is too small, and the peeling force is not light enough to cause deformation and other phenomena when peeling, so it is necessary to use a lighter Release paper.

Because many users now report this phenomenon, in fact, release paper cannot completely rely on the initial release force to judge the essence of release paper, because different coating methods, different base papers will have different release forces. Cycle. There is also the anti-permeability of release paper. There is also a glassine on the market that is coated with wax and silicone oil. The surface is very beautiful, and the release force is very light when it is first applied, but after a few days I can’t tear it off.

Therefore, Xinst recommends that you use good quality isolation paper, not those unknown brands, so the release paper must be evenly coated, light isolation paper, and it is recommended to use solvent-free silicon isolation paper. Everyone When selecting release materials, three cycles of testing should be done, and 15 days of high temperature and high humidity testing should be done. Only when such strict requirements are passed, the isolation paper is not so prone to problems in die cutting.

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