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How to identify the quality of high temperature tape

xinst2月 29, 2020

How to identify the quality of high temp adhesive tape

As a manufacturer of high temp adhesive tape, we feel it necessary to tell you about common sense issues about high-temperature tapes. There is a question about how to identify good or bad high-temperature tape. Because, for the majority of customers, if everyone knows the common sense of high temperature tape and the quality of high temperature tape (for example: how to distinguish the authenticity of high temperature tape?), It will avoid using high temperature tape with quality problems. And cause losses.

500F Heat Resistant Polyimide Tape

1. First of all, when purchasing high-temperature tapes, you should first look at the cutting problems of high-temperature tapes. If the high-temperature tapes are not cut well, it will affect the normal use of high-temperature tapes. It is easy to break in the medium, which will affect the normal use of high temperature tape.


2. If the high-temperature tape is broken, it cannot be used normally. In addition, if the high-temperature tape has burrs, it will also affect the normal use of the tape. For example, when spraying high-temperature tape, if the high-temperature tape has a burr, the burr of the high-temperature tape will affect the spraying of the part next to the tape.


3. Secondly, when purchasing high-temperature tapes, the temperature resistance of the high-temperature tapes should be checked, that is, whether the high-temperature tapes can withstand high temperatures. In order to test, if it is simpler, the high temperature tape should be baked with the lighter's epitaxial flame. If the high-temperature tape burns, or the high-temperature tape expands or falls, the high temperature tape is not suitable for purchase.

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