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Huawei: New Crown Pneumonia Rapid Screening Program Provides Technology to Dozens of Countries

xinstMar 26, 2020

In the afternoon of March 25th, according to information from Huawei Cloud, in order to effectively combat the epidemic and improve the efficiency of pre-screening and detection of New Coronary Pneumonia Virus, Baguio General Hospital in the Philippines has officially launched the Huawei Cloud AI image screening system , Rapid screening for new coronary pneumonia.

Through the Huawei Cloud AI image screening program, Baguio General Hospital's first AI intelligent CT imaging diagnosis in the Philippines in two days effectively compensates for the lack of medical experience in the area of ​​new crown epidemic and new outbreaks in Baguio General Hospital, and the time required for screening and testing. Pain points.

According to Benjie Magalong, Mayor of Baguio City, this is also the first time in the Philippines to enable AI for epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic. Unlike the previous screening scheme, which takes 4-5 days, Huawei Cloud AI image screening system outputs CT quantized results in seconds. , Reducing the doctor's diagnosis result to 2 minutes, greatly improving the screening efficiency.

In February this year, Huawei Cloud joined Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Lanwang Technology to develop and launch a new coronavirus pneumonia AI-assisted medical image quantitative analysis service. The service is based on Huawei cloud computer vision and medical image analysis and other AI technologies. It can automatically, quickly and accurately provide CT quantitative results for imaging and clinicians, alleviate the shortage of doctors who can accurately diagnose new coronary pneumonia imaging doctors, and isolate the pressure of prevention and control. Relieve doctor's diagnostic workload.

At present, Huawei's cloud AI algorithm for the rapid screening of new crown pneumonia has accumulated many cases of new crown epidemics in China, and it is also providing technology and experience for dozens of countries in Asia, Europe, and Latin America.


Source: Sina Technology

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