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Introduction to Xinst MOPP tape

xinst4月 18, 2022

This is a kind of tape composed of polypropylene film with medium tensile strength and natural rubber. It is mainly used in household appliance manufacturing industry, automobile and furniture industry. It is used to fix, package and strengthen protection. It is removed and torn off without leaving residual glue, marks and discoloration. It can replace TESA 4298 tape. Compared with biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) and polyester (PET) film, MOPP tape has higher tensile strength and lower ductility, which is very important for safe fixation.

No residue, good insulation, chemical resistance and high temperature resistance. High tensile strength and low ductility.

Application scenario

It is used for interlayer insulation and binding of transformers, wire rods, mobile phones, computers, electronics, refrigerators, air conditioners, printers, automobiles and furniture industries, and plays the role of fixing, binding, packaging and strengthening protection.


The materials of glue are mainly divided into water glue, oil glue, hot melt glue, natural rubber and synthetic rubber.
Water-based coating adhesive:

it is formed by emulsifying acrylic acid or ester resin with water as solvent; Advantages: many kinds, environmental protection and low cost; Disadvantages: poor film formation, poor fastness, Pu can not be pasted with hot air glue, and it is not resistant to low temperature.

Oil glue:

it is made by dissolving acrylic acid or polyurethane with oily solvent (toluene, DMF, butanone) as solvent; Advantages: good film forming property, good fastness, Pu can stick hot air adhesive, commonly used in the market; Disadvantages: high cost and high environmental protection requirements.

Hot melt adhesive:

plastic adhesive and physical state change with temperature; Advantages: environmental friendly chemical products, non degumming, strong adhesion and corrosion resistance; Disadvantages: high cost, limited temperature range, special application equipment, limited strength due to viscosity and temperature range.

Natural rubber:

(NR) is a natural polymer compound with polyisoprene as the main component, 91% ~ 94% of which is rubber hydrocarbon. Natural rubber is a widely used general rubber. Generally, what we call natural rubber refers to the elastic solid made of natural latex collected from Brazilian rubber trees through solidification, drying and other processing procedures.

Synthetic rubber:

synthetic rubber, also known as synthetic elastomer, is a high elastic polymer synthesized by man. It is one of the three synthetic materials. Its output is only lower than that of synthetic resin (or plastic) and synthetic fiber.

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