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Heat-conducting absorbing Ferrite gasket introduction

xinst4月 09, 2022

The flexible absorbing Ferrite gasket is complicated by the soft magnetic powder and the polymer material, with high magnetic permeability, wide frequency band absorbing, anti-bending, high mechanical strength, good processability. By absorption, electromagnetic wave radiation, cavity resonance, rolling substrate radiation noise, cable conduction noise interference,

The sound absorbing material is a functional composite material that absorbs the magnetic electromagnetic wave, eliminates the return reflection of electromagnetic waves in the shield, reducing the interference of the abdomen to its own equipment, and effectively prevent electromagnetic radiation to harassment and injury of the surrounding equipment and personnel. It is an advanced means that eliminates electromagnetic wave pollution. Applying the absorbent material to the electromagnetic radiation that can absorb leakage in the electronic device can achieve the purpose of eliminating electromagnetic interference. According to the law of the electromagnetic wave in the medium from the low magnetic guide high magnetic guide direction, the electromagnetic wave is guided by the high magnetic thermal ferrite, by resonance, a large amount of radiant energy of the electromagnetic wave, and then convert the energy of the electromagnetic wave into thermal energy by coupling

In the NFC / RFID device, the electronic label is integrated or bonded to the product. As a component of the device, it is often functional due to the limited space, and the electronic label (usually passive) is inevitably attached to metal. Conductive object surfaces or places with metal devices in the adjacent position. In this way, the aluminum inactive electromagnetic field that the label in the card reader is suspended, and the signal strength is greatly weakened by the eddy current attenuation of the metal, resulting in failure of the reading process. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the anti-metal material absorbing material in the product to improve the reading card sensitivity.


Absorbing Ferrite gasket Application:
Suitable for CPU, DDR, RFID induction electronic chip, fpccmos camera, laptop, mobile phone, NFC communication, wireless LAN, wireless WiFi, ETC, automotive electronics and other fields.

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