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Take you to understand the movable dot glue

xinst5月 11, 2022

Removable dot glue, also known as hot melt glue point, dot glue, fixed point glue, removable tape, dot glue, granular glue, runny nose glue point, positioning glue point, bean glue, traceless removable glue point, traceless glue point, industrial glue point and universal glue point, is a kind of small glue point formed by die cutting, elastic glue point and mobile glue point, which can be pasted on both sides.


Features of removable adhesive:
Easy to use, rapid construction and bonding, and there will be no residual glue on the pasted object after separation, which will not damage the surface of the pasted object. It is better to use, safer and more convenient than the traditional double-sided tape,

Applicable material:
Electronic products, craft prints, color cards, credit cards, cosmetics, decorations, toys, fabrics, wood, sponge, glass, hardware, plastics, ceramic tiles and other materials.
Standard Specification of glue drop
1) Size: diameter / square / special shape, 1mm-55mm range.
2) Thickness: 0.1mm-3.5mm
3) Viscosity: strong / medium / low viscosity
4) Packaging: roll / sheet

Usage method:
1) Movable dot glue shall not contact with oil or dust, which will affect the viscosity and adhesion of the product; The sticking surface must be kept clean, and the product can only be used after the surface is clean.
2) Do not take out the removable dot glue directly with your fingers. The movable dot glue must be directly placed on the position of the object to be pasted, and then transferred to the object. Press it after pasting to make the glue fully contact with the pasting surface and discharge the residual air. The pasting effect will be better.

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