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What is pu glue and what is it used for?

xinstMar 19, 2021

Pu glue is polyurethane glue, a two-component adhesive pre-polymerized by a resin and emulsion. It is mainly used for bonding wood, aluminum plates, colored steel plates, and metal and polystyrene foam materials. . It has good bonding strength, does not contain organic solvents, and has excellent heat resistance. This product can be cured at room temperature or heated. After all, it is the plastic that we often talk about in our lives.

In addition, there is another kind of pu glue called water-based pu glue. Water-based PU glue is an anionic-based water-based polyurethane dispersion. It is a heat-activated adhesive that can be used in shoemaking, furniture, automobiles, construction industries, etc. field.

Removable PU tape1
Removable PU tape1

Water-based PU glue has a wide range of uses. First of all, it is mainly used in the shoe industry:

(1) With appropriate surface treatment agent, water-based PU glue can basically be applied to most shoe materials;

(2) For porous fabrics, or materials that are easily corroded by solvents, water-based products have very obvious advantages;

(3) However, materials with heavy oil content and extremely high tension are not suitable for the use of water-based PU glue at present.

(4) Adhesion between various shoe materials such as PU, PVC, EVA, TPR, rubber, mesh, leather, etc.

Another kind of pu adhesive is PU injection rubber, which is an elastomer, which eliminates the iron cover and rubber sealing ring of the air filter element by casting, and is the most ideal product for the production of panel air filters.


Physical and chemical indicators and performance:

A component:

Appearance: orange-red uniform liquid (other colors can be requested)

Density: 1.02g/ml Viscosity: 800-1000MPa.S(25℃)

B component:

Appearance: brownish yellow liquid

Density: 1.02g/ml Viscosity: 25-50MPa.S (25℃)


⒈ Before injecting glue into the glue injection machine, the A glue bucket (generally 200KG/bucket) must be fully rolled to make the A glue even.

⒉ AB glue ratio is 100﹕25(4﹕1).

⒊ The temperature of the material should be controlled at 24°C-28°C, and it can be started up and run.

⒋ Before use, the mold must be wiped with a release agent (note: new plastic molds can be wiped free)

⒌ If the reaction of A and B is not sufficient, measure the ratio of A and B.

⒍ Materials A and B must be sealed and stored.

Although there are many kinds of pu adhesive, they are often used not only in life but also in industry. Especially in industry, pu adhesive is used to stick together many daily necessities. In our daily life, it is not difficult for us to see such pu glue. For example, the universal glue on the market is a kind of pu glue.

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