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Rogers Polyurethane PORON die cut with adhesive uses and applications

xinstMar 24, 2021

1. Rogers PORON die cut

Rogers Polyurethane PORON-Microcellular Polyurethane PORON® ThinStik™

PORON ThinStik Soft Seal foam: 4701-15TS1-06021-90P

PORON ThinStik Soft Seal foam: 4701-15TS1-06030-90P

PORON ThinStik ShockSeal™ foam: 4701-79TS1-09021-04P

PORON ThinStik foam: 4701- 92TS1-09020-04P

PORON ThinStik foam: 4701-92TS1-12020-04P


4701-30-25031-04, 4701-30-25035-04. 4701-30-25045-04
4701-30-20062-04, 4701-30-20093-04, 4701-30-20125-04
4701-30-15188-04, 4701-30-15250-04, 4701-30-15375-04
4701-30-15500-04, 4701-30-25021-04P,4701-30-25037-04P
4701-30-25047-04P,4701-30-20064-04P, 4701-30-20095-04P
4701-40-30031-04, 4701-40-30045-04, 4701-40-20062-04
4701-40-20093-04, 4701-40-20125-04,4701-40-15188-04
4701-40-15250-04, 4701-40-15375-04, 4701-40-15500-04
4701-41-30031-04, 4701-41-30045-04, 4701-41-20062-04
4701-41-20093-04, 4701-41-20125-04, 4701-41-15188-04
4701-41-15250-04, 4701-41-15375-04, 4701-41-15500-04
4701-50-30031-04, 4701-50-30045-04, 4701-50-20062-04
4701-50-20093-04, 4701-50-20125-04, 4701-50-15188-04
4701-50-15250-04, 4701-50-15375-04, 4701-50-15500-04
4701-50-30012-04, 4701-50-30017-04, 4701-50-30020-04
4701-60-25031-04, 4701-60-25062-04, 4701-60-25093-04
4701-60-20031-04, 4701-60-20062-04, 4701-60-20125-04
4701-60-20188-04, 4701-60-15125-04, 4701-60-15188-04
4701-60-15250-04, 4790-92-15125-04, 4790-92-15188-04
4790-92-15250-04, 4790-92-15375-04, 4790-92-15500-04
4790-92-12155-04, 4790-92-12250-04, 4790-92-12375-04
4790-92-12425-04, 4790-92-30012-04P, 4790-92-25021-04P
4790-92-25024-04P, 4790-92-25031-04P, 4790-92-25041-04P
4790-92-20081-04P, 4790-92-15039-04P, 4790-92-15120-04P
4790-92-12020-04P, 4790-92-12030-04P, 4790-92-12039-04P
4790-92-12049-04P, 4790-92-12059-04P, 4790-92-09020-04P
4790-92-09030-04P, 4790-92-09039-04P, 4701-15-06021-90P
4701-15-06030-90P, 4701-15-06039-90P

2. Introduction


"Strong shock absorption and sealing, reduce space waste, and realize ultra-thin design"

With the shrinking of the size of handheld devices and the enhancement of functions, how to obtain adequate protection and sealing while being ultra-thin applications may become a severe design challenge. In order to meet this growing demand, Rogers has specially designed and produced PORON® ThinStik™ series of self-adhesive solutions.

Rogers PORON die cut ThinStik material is an all-in-one solution that combines high-compression PORON foam and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer. This innovative material can help designers obtain higher compressibility than traditional foam adhesive structures in ultra-thin device sealing and gap filling applications.

Ultra-thin and high compressibility
Long-term protection and sealing
Easy to design-one product, one solution


4. Purpose and application
New product

PORON ThinStik ShockSeal™ foam: 79TS1-09021
Effective protection under strong impact
PORON ThinStik foam: 92TS1-09020
The perfect combination of compressibility and tear resistance

Provide other ThinStik foam

PORON ThinStik foam: 92TS1-12020
High compressibility, tear resistance and impact protection
PORON ThinStik Soft Seal foam: 15TS1-06021
Excellent compressibility, ultra-thin gap filling
PORON ThinStik Soft Seal foam: 15TS1-06030
Enhanced gap filling ability to meet a wider range of production and processing tolerances.

INOAC and ROGERS Products:

Extra Soft Slow Rebound Soft Slow Rebound
Item Typical roll size Thickness Item Typical roll size Thickness
SRS-70P 500mm*100M 0.2mm
SRS-48P 500mm*100M 0.3mm 4790-92-30012-04P 1372mm*182.88M 0.3mm
SRS-40P 500mm*100M 0.4mm
SRS-40P 500mm*100M 0.5mm 4790-92-25021-04P 1372mm*144.78M 0.53mm
SRS-40P 500mm*50M 0.6mm 4790-92-25024-04P 1372mm*144.78M 0.61mm
SRS-40P 500mm*50M 0.7mm 4790-92-12030-04P 1372mm*121.92M 0.75mm
SRS-40P 500mm*50M 0.8mm 4790-92-25031-04P 1372mm*121.92M 0.79mm
SRS-40P 500mm*50M 1.0mm 4790-92-25041-04P 1372mm*106.68M 1.04mm
SRS-40P 500mm*50M 1.2mm 4790-92-12049-04P 1372mm*106.68M 1.25mm
SRS-32P 500mm*50M 1.5mm 4790-92-12059-04P 1372mm*91.44M 1.50mm
SRS-32P 500mm*50M 2.0mm 4790-92-20081-04P 1372mm*68.58M 2.06mm
SRS-24P 500mm*50M 2.5mm 4790-92-20093-04P 1372mm*68.60M 2.36mm
SRS-24P 500mm*50M 3.0mm 4790-92-15120-04P 1372mm*50.29M 3.05mm
Very Soft Rebound/ PET Supported Very Soft Rebound/ PET Supported
MS-32P 500mm*100M 0.5mm 4701-30-25021-04P 1372mm*144.78M 0.53mm
MS-32P 500mm*50M 0.7mm 4701-30-25031-04 1372mm*47.72M 0.79mm
MS-32P 500mm*50M 1.0mm 4701-30-25037-04P 1372mm*121.92M 0.94mm
ML-32 500mm*50M 1.5mm 4701-30-20062-04 1372mm*91.44M 1.57mm
ML-32 500mm*50M 2.0mm 4701-30-20093-04 1372mm*68.58M 2.36mm
ML-32 500mm*50M 3.0mm 4701-30-20125-04 1372mm*50.29M 3.18mm








Recovery Soft Recovery Soft
Item Typical roll size Thickness Item Typical roll size Thickness
PSR02 520mm*100M 0.2mm RSF02065-50P04 520mm*100M 0.2mm
PSR03 520mm*100M 0.3mm RSF03050-50P04 520mm*100M 0.3mm
PSR04 520mm*100M 0.4mm RSF04045-50P04 520mm*100M 0.4mm
PSR05 520mm*100M 0.5mm RSF05045-50P04 520mm*100M 0.5mm
PSR06 520mm*100M 0.6mm RSF06040-50P04 520mm*100M 0.6mm
PSR07 520mm*100M 0.7mm RSF07040-50P04 520mm*100M 0.7mm
PSR08 520mm*100M 0.8mm RSF08040-50P04 520mm*100M 0.8mm
PSR10 520mm*100M 1.0mm RSF10040-50P04 520mm*100M 1.0mm
PSR12 520mm*50M 1.2mm RSF12040-50P04 520mm*50M 1.2mm
PSR15 520mm*50M 1.5mm RSF15038-50P04 520mm*50M 1.5mm
PSR20 520mm*50M 2.0mm RSF20034-50P04 520mm*50M 2.0mm
PSR25 520mm*50M 2.5mm RSF25032-50P04 520mm*50M 2.5mm
PSR30 520mm*50M 3.0mm RSF30032-50P04 520mm*50M 3.0mm
Soft - Supported Soft - Supported
LMS05 520mm*100M 0.5mm MSF05032-50P04 520mm*100M 0.5mm
LMS07 520mm*100M 0.7mm MSF07032-50P04 520mm*100M 0.7mm
LMS10 520mm*100M 1.0mm MSF10032-50P04 520mm*100M 1.0mm
LMS15 520mm*50M 1.5mm MSF15032-50P04 520mm*50M 1.5mm
LMS20 520mm*50M 2.0mm MSF20032-50P04 520mm*50M 2.0mm
LMS30 520mm*50M 3.0mm MSF30032-50P04 520mm*50M 3.0mm


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