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High Temperautre Insulation Polyimide Kapton Film

Brand Name:XINST
Model Number:Xinst0103
Adhesive Side:Single Sided
Adhesive Type:Pressure Sensitive
Design Printing:No printing

High Temperautre Insulation Polyimide KAPTON Film Features:

• High dielectric strength

• Good dimensional stability

• Chemical resistance

• Radiation resistance

• Flame resistance UL V-0

• UL approved qualified film

• Temp resistance from -269℃ to 400℃ (-452℉ to 752℉)

Process for producing Non Adhesive Polymide Insulation KAPTON Film

1)Resin synthetise

Synthetise PAA with 3 raw materials of PMDA ODA and DMAC after chemical reaction.

2)Filter Bubble clearing in bubble clearing pan after filter. Second time filter after bubble is cleared.

3)Casting Resin is casted on the belt through mould. Slicked resin is circled in hot wind in order to solvent evaporation and some imidization. The preliminary dry film (PAA film)  is conveyed to the front peel roll of casting machine and peeled off.

4)Imidization, imidization process is heat imidization. Film peeled off from cast machine is imidized in imidization oven in high temperature. PAA film is transfromed into PI . In imidization, film is strengthed in CD, then the film is rolled.

5)Dry film temperature and machine speed.


Slitting and Packaging

Film Roll Size: 3" paper or plastic core, film width: 6mm -520mm; standard width: 520mm, 1000mm

Die Cutting Services: We can cut the PI film into any size as your CAD drawing.


Insulation Polyimide KAPTON Film Transportation:

1)The film should be provided in rolls and wound up to the pipe core, each roll is well packed and loaded with plastic bag to be placed into dry and clean box.

2)The each box packing should be marked with the type, product specification, size, lot number, gross weight,date of manufacture, name of the manufacturer.

3)The should be pressured in dry and clean room, the preservation period from the date of production is 12 months and can still be used when it is qualified in case of the preservation period is exceeded and checked according to standard.

4)During the preservation and transportation, damping and mechanical damage should be avoided.


High temperature 3m 471 tape pvc floor marking tape paint masking tape

If the High Temperautre Insulation Polyimide Kapton Film to your requirement, please be free to buy the quality products made in China with our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. We’re equipped with a productive factory at your service.

PI Film can be metallized, punched, formed, laminated, or adhesive coated. It can be used in a variety of electrical and electronic insulation applications:

• wire and cable tapes,motor slot liners, magnet wire insulation, formed coil insulation, transformer and capacitor insulation

• Polyimide Adhesive tape or polyimide laminates. .
• Coverlay or Stiffener in F-PCB
• Polyimide Label

• Polyimide tubing.

Type Xinst High Temperautre Insulation Polyimide PI Film
Nominal Thickness


Unit    Weight (g/m²) Tensile Strength (MPa) Elongation


Shrinkage 30min at 150℃(%) Shrinkage

120min at 200℃   (%)

Dielectric Strength (MV/m) Volume Resistivity


Dielectric Constant

At 1kHz

Dielectric Factor

At 1kHZ

Xinst0101-13 13 18.3 171 72 0.04 0.09 300 1.5x1017 ≤3.9 ≤4.0X10-3
Xinst0101-20 20 28.4 178 97 0.05 0.09 319 2.9x1015 ≤3.9 ≤4.0X10-3
Xinst0101-25 25 35.5 191 100 0.06 0.09 305 7.8x1015 ≤3.9 ≤4.0X10-3
Xinst0101-50 50 71.0 183 105 0.06 0.09 282 7.7x1015 ≤3.9 ≤4.0X10-3
Xinst0101-75 75 106.5 180 110 0.06 0.15 230 7.2x1015 ≤3.9 ≤4.0X10-3
Xinst0101-100 100 142.0 175 101 0.06 0.15 210 5.6x1015 ≤3.9 ≤4.0X10-3
Xinst0101-125 125 177.5 163 100 0.10 0.15 180 4.9x1015 ≤3.9 ≤4.0X10-3
Xinst0101-150 150 213.0 150 105 0.10 0.15 156 4.6x1015 ≤3.9 ≤4.0X10-3
Xinst0101-175 175 248.5 145 110 0.10 0.15 143 3.9x1015 ≤3.9 ≤4.0X10-3
Xinst0101-200 200 284.0 135 105 0.10 0.15 133 3.8x1015 ≤3.9 ≤4.0X10-3
Xinst0101-225 225 319.5 125 95 0.10 0.15 128 3.8x1015 ≤3.9 ≤4.0X10-3
Xinst0101-250 250 355.5 122 66 0.10 0.15 121 3.1x1015 ≤3.9 ≤4.0X10-3


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