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Insulation Pure Teflon PTFE Film Tape

Brand Name:Xinst
Model Number:0205
Adhesive Side:Double Sided
Adhesive Type:Pressure Sensitive
Design Printing:No printing
Material:Fiberglass Cloth
Customized Service:Die Cut Any Shape

Insulation Pure Teflon PTFE Film Tape Descriptions:

Insulation Pure Teflon PTFE Film Tape is based on pure Teflon film, single-sided coated with high-temp resistant pressure sensitive adhesive.The PTFE Tape are widely applied in the conduct roll for resistance of high temperature, acid, alkali and non-stain of the surface, protecting with the low friction of heating up flat, pulling off of the plastic model, joining and binding up cable of high temperat-ure and high-pressure with anti-static, protecting with the electrical components joi-ning in hith temperature, affixing of the hot plastic parts. It can be used conveniently, long-lived and have good insolation. This tape can be well used in the temperature range of -60°C ~+260°C.



• It has very pesistant adhesion and can adhere reliably in a temperature range of -60°C to +260°C
• Easy to wash away the blot or other dust on the surface such as resin, coating material, etc.
• High chemical corrosion resistant: it could resist acid, alkali, aqua fortis and various kinds of organic liquid corrosion.
• Capability of medicament resistant and non-poison, almost to resist all kinds of medicament.
• High capability of insulation.
• Fireproofing and flame resisting.
• Easy to use and install, reusable, and own long using life.



If the insulation pure teflon ptfe film tape caters to your requirement, please be free to buy the quality products made in China with our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. We're equipped with a productive factory at your service.


• Sorts of high temperature roller submerging, works of calefaction slab, membrane doffing.
• Heat sealing of food, pharmaceutical and plastic bag.
• Cushion pasting of slippery pond, stuff funnel, aircraft mould, etc, it also could be used on platern, thermoplastic doffing module.
• Suitable for other surface disposal such as glue proofing, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance.
• Used in the fields of packing (including thermoplastic, vacuum bagging),compositing, thermoplastic seal, electronic and electric.


Item No. Thickness Max Width Adhesion Tensile strength Temperature
0204-60 0.06mm 125mm 18N/100mm 150N/100mm -60~260℃
0204-80 0.08mm 125mm 20N/100mm 300N/100mm -60~260℃
0204-10 0.10mm 125mm 22N/100mm 350N/100mm -60~260℃
0205-13 0.13mm 125mm 25N/100mm 400N/100mm -60~260℃
0205-18 0.18mm 150mm 44N/100mm 650N/100mm -60~260℃
0205-25 0.25mm 300mm 58N/100mm 950N/100mm -60~260℃


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