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Wholesale Nitto 903UL PTFE heat seal adhesive film tape etched Skived Conductive pure tape



Adhesive Side:Single Sided

Adhesive Type:Pressure Sensitive





Product name:Nitto Adhesive Tape 903ul 923s 973ul-s




Usage:Electronic Industry

Certificates:SGS/SDS/ISO 9001


Temperature range: -60~200°C

Base material:PTFE film

Wholesale Nitto 903UL PTFE heat seal adhesive film tape etched Skived Conductive pure tape

Glass cloth base material impregnated with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) dispersion then sintered. Single surface treated and coated with a silicone adhesive, which exhibits excellent heat resistance and mechanical strength.


Glass Fabric Nitto Denko Nitoflon Adhesive Tape 903ul 923s 973ul-s

Nitto 903UL PTFE Features:

  • UL510 certified.
  • Environment-friendly and conforms to Notification No.20 of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
  • Superior mold-releasing and sliding properties.
  • Good holding property at elevated temperatures and dimensional stability.
  • The non-adhesive side exhibits excellent characteristics of polytetrafluoroethylene such as electrical properties, resistance to heat, weather, chemical, and water (water-shedding), and non-adhesiveness.


Our Factory Competitive Advantages:

• Well Competitive Prices and High Quality Control
• Prompt Delivery
• Earth-friendly Products
• In a Variety of Design
• Small Order Acceptable
• OEM Accepted

Roll Size: 3″ paper or plastic core;tape width: 2mm -1200mm; standard width: 1200mm or 1020mm,standard length:50M or 100M

OEM Size:Special length, thickness or combinations can be supplied per customer’s request.Products can be supplied in roll, tape,sheets or shapes per customer’s request.Only you provide the CAD drawing,we can die cut any size for you.

Shelf Life: To obtain best performance, use this product within 12 months from date of delivery and store under normal conditions of 60 ºC to 80ºF (16 ºC to 27ºC) and 40 to 60% R.H. in the original carton.

If the Wholesale Nitto 903UL PTFE heat seal adhesive film tape etched Skived Conductive pure tape to your requirement, please be free to buy the quality products made in China with our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. We’re equipped with a productive factory at your service.

Nitto 903UL PTFE heat seal adhesive film tape Applications


  • For heat-resistant masking.
  • For heat-sealing.
  • For heat-resistant electrical insulation.
Item Unit No.973UL-S No.973UL Test Method
Thickness mm 0.13 0.15 0.18 Compatible with JIS C 2107
Tensile strength N/19mm 240 590 530
Adhesive strength 25°C N/19mm 6.8 9.0 9.7
100°C 3.2 3.9 4.7
150°C 2.2 2.6 3.0
Unwinding force N/19mm 5.9 5.9 7.5
Temperature range °C -60~200 -


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