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xinst6月 21, 2021

3M Tapes main models:

3M Optical Glue OCA: 3M8142ACL, 3M8212, 3M8141, 3M8161, 3M8185, 3M8187, 3M9483, 3M8172, 3M8195, 3M8197, 3MX1077
3M anisotropic conductive film ACF: 3M9703,3M9705,3M9706,3M7303,3M5303,3M7393,3M7379,3M7371,3M7376,3M7378,3M8794,3M5363,3M7313,3M7396,3M5552R
3M electrical tape: 3M7761,3M7763,3M7765,3M7769,3M7805,3M7810,3M9725,3M9740,3M9764,3M9830,3M9780,3M9719,3M9712,3M9713,3M9708,3M9709,3M9709S, 3M9709SL
3M hot melt adhesive film: 3M615, 3M615S, 3M615ST, 3M406, 3M583, 3M688, 3M690, 3M690T, 3MAF-111, 3MAF-43
3M Thermal tape: 3M8805; 3M8810; 3M8815; 3M88203M8940,3M8943
3M Thermal Pad: 3M5516, 3M5591, 3M5591S, 3M5592S, 3M5595S, 3M5589H, 3M5590H
3M Thermal Pad: 3M9889FR, 3M9894FR, 3M9879Fr
3M silicone and acrylic double-sided tape: 3M9731, 3M9731B, 3M9731RW side is silicone, one side is the acrylic glue
3M water indication label warranty and security tape: 3M5557, 3M5557NP, 3M5558, 3M5559
3M metal foil tape: 3M300PL, 3M508SN
3M Ground Thermal Bonded Film: 3M7373

3M 4991 4991B VHB tape-4
3M 4991 4991B VHB tape-4

Tesa Main models:

tesa4975, tesa4963, tesa4926, tesa51206, tesa51414, tesa51416, tesa51926, tesa51970, tesa51975, tesa61320, tesa51410, tesa61532, tesa68532, tesa68535, tesa68542, tesa68552, tesa68559, tesa, 8275, tesa68585.

Hot melt adhesive: tesa8401, tesa8402, tesa8431, tesa8432.

Cloth tape: tesa4613, tesa4651, tesa4657, tesa4660, tesa4661, tesa4662, tesa4664, tesa4688.

Double-sided tape (non-woven fabric substrate): tesa68623, tesa68634, tesa68645, tesa68646, tesa60980, tesa60933, tesa60975, tesa4959, tesa4987, tesa60976, tesa4940.

Tear series tape: tesa4235, tesa4236, tesa51235, tesa51236, tesa7496 Foam substrate: tesa52015, tesa52017, tesa52115, tesa52117, tesa52020, tesa52021, tesa52022, tesa52120, tesa52121, tesa52122, tesa52123a, tesa52220, tesa52220, tesa52123a

Corrugated box splicing series tape: tesa4962, tesa7158, tasa50607.

Tape splicing series tape: tesa4231, tesa4232, tesa52450.

Double-sided tape (foam substrate): tesa4976, tesa4977, tesa4952, tesa4957,


Double-sided tape (PET substrate): tesa4983, tesa51983, tesa4972, tesa51972, tesa4980, tesa51980, tesa4982, tesa51982, tesa4720, tesa4928, tesa51928, tesa4967, tesa51967, tesa4965, tesa51965, tesa4964.


NITTO (Nitto) tape:

5600, 5601, 5602, 5602BN, 5603, 5603BN, 5605, 5605BN, 5606, 5606BN,
5608, 5608BN, 5610, 5610BN, 5615, 5615BN, 5603R, 5603BRN,
5603BWN, 5605R, 5605SR,
5605FR, 5605BWN, 5605WT, 5606BRW, 5606BRN, 5608R, 5608B-W, 5610R, 5610FR, 5610BRN,
5610SR, 5610WT, 5612, 5620A, 5302A, 5680E, 5680ET, 5680EP, 5671E, 5682E, 5682WP, 5683A,

Nitto Waterproof Tape: 57115W, 57115B, 57115SB, 57120W, 57120B, 57120SB, 57125B, 57125SB, 57130B,
57130SB, 57140B, 57140SB, 57160B, 57180B, 55125SSB, 57530SSB, 57420SSB, 57430SSB, 57520S
57520SB, 57525SB, 57525E, 57530SB, 57520E, 57530E.

Nitto foam: SCF100, SCFT100, SCF200, SCF300A, SCF300B, SCF400, SCF400T, SCF400TT,
SCF500, SCF101, SCF102, SCF106, SCF202, SCF308B, SCF401, SCF402, SCF406, SCF,
SCF406PS, SCF500B, SCF506, NS2000, EE-1000, EE-1010, EE-9100, H9004, H9004F, H9008,
H9008F, H9012, 68220, 68225

D5052, D9605, D9608, D5395, D5395B, D5311, D5399, D5399B, D53810B, D53815, D53820B.

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