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Application of single-conductor copper foil tape in various wire harnesses

xinst7月 04, 2020

Copper foil tape for wire harnesses, commonly used is single-conductor copper foil tape. Depending on the good conductivity of copper foil itself, it can have a shielding effect on electromagnetic signals, so it is widely used in wire, cable, automobile, and computer wire harnesses , And good viscosity, has a good winding fixation.

High Temperature Thermal Conductivity 30mm copper foil tape for stained glass

The application of single-conductor copper foil is mainly used in the central air-conditioning pipelines of computer monitors, computer peripheral wires and transformers, and can also be used in the joints of pipelines for smoking machines, refrigerators, water heaters, etc., for precision electronic products, computer equipment, and wires. , Cables and other places. When carrying out high-frequency transmission, it can isolate the interference of electromagnetic waves and resist high temperature to prevent spontaneous combustion.

The width of the copper foil tape can be cut according to the specific specifications of different wire harnesses. The slitting is good, the copper foil tape has no burrs and burrs, the surface is smooth and smooth without scratches, and the appearance is clean and beautiful.


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