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What are the uses of anti-static copper foil tape

xinstJul 02, 2020

Xinst 0704-1 Anti-static copper foil tape:

Anti-static Copper foil tape has low surface oxygen characteristics, good conductivity, anti-static performance, after a series of treatments, it can be attached to a variety of different substrates, such as metals, insulating materials, etc. Temperature range. Mainly used in electromagnetic shielding, signal shielding, anti-static, conductive heating, etc.

Copper Foil Tape with Non-Conductive Adhesive for Kitchen Chinese Supplier

The common thickness of  Xinst 0704-1 anti-static copper tape is: 0.06mm, 0.08mm, 0.1mm; the common width is: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, etc., the special width can be cut according to the requirements; the common length is: 25M, 50M , Special lengths can be customized. Can be divided into: anti-static self-adhesive copper foil tape, single conductive copper foil tape, double conductive copper foil tape, double-sided double conductive copper foil tape, conductive shielding tape and so on.

Xinst 0704-1 copper foil tape is mainly used in: laying anti-static copper foil nets on the floor, laying indoor anti-static equipment, electromagnetic signal shielding, etc.; applicable industries are: manufacturing of electronic appliances, communications equipment, television, computer and mobile phone manufacturing, Building decoration, transformer manufacturing, automation equipment, motor electrification product manufacturing, navigator, aircraft, military equipment, etc.

Can be attached to a variety of different substrates, such as metals, insulating materials, etc., with a wide temperature range. Mainly used in electromagnetic shielding and anti-static, electromagnetic shielding, electrical signal shielding and magnetic signal shielding. Electrical signal shielding mainly depends on the excellent electrical conductivity of copper itself, while magnetic shielding requires conductive material on the surface of copper foil tape. “Ni” to achieve the role of magnetic shielding, so it is widely used in mobile phones, notebook computers and other digital products

This product has better shielding effect for electromagnetic radiation interference, and has good performance for grounding electrostatic discharge. At the same time, this product is also used for soldering purposes. Inspection parameters:  Colloidal composition: conductive adhesive (thermally sensitive acrylic adhesive)   adhesion: 1.5 ~1.3kg/25mm  Temperature resistance-10℃—120℃  Tensile strength 4.5~4.8kg/mm  Elongation 7-7%~3-4%

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