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Brief description of all-round conductive foam

xinst3月 25, 2021

Everyone usually uses mobile phones, computers, sports bracelets, smart watches and other electronic products. These electronic products are assembled with a variety of electronic materials, one of which is called omnidirectional conductive sponge. Generally, the name of a product is based on the characteristics of the product, so that it is not only easy to remember, but also allows people to roughly understand what it is. Therefore, a word called "as the name implies" appears. The same is true for the omnidirectional conductive sponge. As the name suggests, it can be understood that it is a conductive product, and it is also a product that can achieve omnidirectional conductivity.

Omnidirectional conductive foam is a kind of conductive electronic shielding material. Its main material is polyethylene or modified polyethylene, conductive filler and antistatic agent through extrusion molding, and then through radiation crosslinking and high temperature foaming. Plant a sponge, and then process the tape made by wrapping conductive cloth in the electronic shielding material around the sponge, so that it has shielding performance and conductivity. It is an upgraded product of conductive foam, which also belongs to the category of conductive electronic shielding materials.

Conductive foam 31
Conductive foam 31

Features of omnidirectional conductive foam:

(1) The price is cheap. Because the production cost is relatively low, the selling price of it itself is also very cheap.

(2) It is an upgraded product of conductive foam, with a three-dimensional shielding effect, and the shielding effect is stronger than that of conductive foam.

(3) The main material of itself is sponge, which is flexible and easy to process or be used for wrapping. Suitable for various places and environments.

(4) The conductive cloth used by itself is made of vacuum electroplated metal material, which has good permanent conductivity.

(5) Omni-directional conductive sponge has good bending durability, so it is very suitable for some occasions with limited capacity and closing pressure. Moreover, it contains non-flammable substances, which creates the possibility of spontaneous combustion of electronic products.

(6) The sponge in the omnidirectional conductive sponge is produced by the foaming technology of polymer polyurethane composite material, and the foaming pore size is uniform. It is soft, elastic and has strong corrosion resistance. The foamed sponge has a large elastic change and has a good shockproof effect.

(7) Omnidirectional conductivity is made by electroplating conductive metal on the basis of sponge. The back of the conductive sponge uses conductive cloth as the matrix to make the conductive glue adhere to the sponge material, so as to achieve the effect of omnidirectional conductivity.

(8) The omnidirectional conductive sponge is electroplated on the surface of the sponge by electroplating, which not only ensures good conductivity, but the outermost nickel layer also increases the anti-corrosion performance of the material.

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