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Die cutting of conductive and thermal materials

xinst11月 19, 2021

I、Die cutting of conductive shielding thermal materials:
Main functions: conductive shielding, conductive on one side and insulation on the other side, double-sided insulation and conductive in the middle to prevent loosening, prevent impact noise, prevent adhesion, etc.

4W/m.K Thermal Conductive Sheet Fiberglass Silicone Gap Filler
4W/m.K Thermal Conductive Sheet Fiberglass Silicone Gap Filler

Main materials: imported and domestic conductive foam, conductive cloth tape, conductive copper aluminum foil tape, conductive rubber, etc.; copper foil (Cu), aluminum foil (AL), Mylar thermal conductive silicon film; insulating sheet; barley paper; KAPTON (gold Finger); fireproof fast paper: composite materials (Cu-PET, AL-PET), EMI and other composite materials.

(1) Around the LED: prevent light leakage, absorb impact, and improve air tightness.
(2) Periphery under PCB: absorbing shock, absorbing vibration, filling gap, heat insulation effect.
(3) Keyboard gasket: Resilience, no pollution, good dimensional stability.
(4) Around the battery: no pollution, absorbing impact sound, and improving air tightness.
(5) Foot pads: good friction, no pollution, good dimensional stability.
(6) Disk drive tail guard pad: absorb vibration, prevent impact noise, and improve air tightness.
(7) Friction pad: good friction, no pollution, good dimensional stability.
(8) Disk cover soft pad: absorb vibration, block motor noise, shockproof, and improve air tightness.
(9) Around the horn: prevent noise and fill the gap.
(10) Around the LCD: Dustproof, absorb shock, fill gaps, and improve shading.


II、Xinsite Thermal Conductive Tape introduce:
Xinsite Thermal Conductive Tape is made of acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive filled with high thermal conductivity ceramic particles and coated on both sides of glass fiber cloth. The surface is protected by a release film, which is usually used between a low-power heat source and a small radiator to fix the LED radiator.

It has the characteristics of high thermal conductivity and insulation, and is soft, compressible and strong. It can adapt to a large temperature range, can fill uneven surfaces, can closely and firmly fit the heat source and the heat sink, and quickly conduct heat away.

It is widely used in electronic appliances, LED lighting, hardware industry, printing industry, chips, flexible circuit boards and high-power transistors.

Thermally conductive double-sided tape is a thermally conductive material used for bonding heat sinks and other power consuming semiconductors. It has high-performance thermal conduction, strong adhesive strength, low thermal resistance and other performance advantages, which can effectively achieve heat conduction and fixation The role of. In terms of adhesion performance, many common thermal conductive materials are not sticky, and they are not easy to stick to important parts of electronic products and cannot be effectively fixed on the surface of the chip. However, thermally conductive double-sided adhesives cleverly fill the middle with thermally conductive materials, which have excellent thermal conductivity. At the same time, it has strong viscosity, which can solve the problem of bonding and fixing electronic components.

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