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Proper wearing of disposable face masks

xinstMar 13, 2020

Pay attention to the order of wearing disposable face masks.

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First, you should wash your hands before wearing a disposable face masks.

Secondly, you should distinguish the masks anyway. Generally, the lighter side belongs to the inside and the darker side belongs to the outside. After wearing it, there will be a metal wire on the mask, which is a so-called hard strip.

Press the metal wire according to the shape of your nose bridge and squeeze it tightly. This can effectively prevent the virus from entering the respiratory tract or the mouth through the nose bridge. After fixing the wire of the bridge of the nose, pull the mask completely down to cover the mouth, nose and chin directly.

The most important thing is that it is best not to wear disposable masks for more than 8 hours. If it is infected with the virus, it needs to be replaced every 2-4 hours. Discarded masks must be thrown into the designated trash can, which can prevent the wanton virus infection.


After clearly distinguishing the front, back, top, and bottom of the mask, it is not far from the correct wearing of the mask. Wash your hands, make sure that the light-colored side of the mask is facing inward (reverse side), and the end with the metal strip is facing upward (upper side). Hang the rope at both ends on your ears. Seeing this, do you think the mask should be worn Is it done?

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