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Anti-gravity shell adsorption Nano Micro Suction foam Tape

xinst3月 16, 2020

Shell adsorption Nano Micro-Suction foam Tape, nano absorption foam mobile phone holder, micro suction nano glue, no trace nano suction glue, nano suction glue features: Nano suction glue is a new polymer developed and produced using nano suction technology and international


** equipment. The surface of the nano-micro-absorbent adhesive is similar to a plain fleece, unlike ordinary removable adhesives, without any adhesive glues, and no sticky feeling when touched by hand. It completely relies on the tiny suction cups inside to adsorb the product. Any mobile digital device with a smooth and flat back can be directly adsorbed and can be reused countless times. It is a product that cannot be replaced by any adhesive products on the market. The difference between nano-micro-adhesive and removable glue: Nano-micro-adhesive performance: there are many small holes on the surface for adsorption on the product (by suction). Effect: strong suction, easy to disassemble, no marks, can be washed and reused countless times. Removable glue effect: strong viscosity, not easy to remove, easy to leave marks, limited use. Does not damage the surface of the product. Removable glue use life: limited use times, the viscosity slowly disappears.


Nano Micro-suction foam Tape Usage and precautions:

1. Before using the new product, please remove the protective film before the bracket

2. Remove the protective film from the base of the bracket (if you do not want the bracket to adhere to the desktop This film can be retained)

3. The mobile digital device with a smooth back can be directly attached. Place the used device on the micro-adhesive and press it for 3 seconds to stick firmly

4. The mobile digital device with a non-smooth back, please use the configuration

5. The dust on the surface of the micro-suction adhesive will reduce the viscosity when it is contaminated with dust. Please use ordinary transparent tape to paste the dust to restore the performance.

6. Don't use it on uneven, smooth, matte and other product surfaces. Applications with poor results: plastic, wood, leather, glass, aluminum alloy, ceramics, marble, metal, cement, wood, painted walls, resin, plating Noodles and so on.

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