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Eight characteristics of DuPont Nomex insulation paper

xinstJun 02, 2020

DuPont NOMEX insulation paper has the following eight characteristics

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1. Inherent dielectric strength

The calendered Nomex insulation paper products can withstand short-term voltage field strengths of 18~40KV/mm, without the need for further treatment with varnish and resin; due to the low dielectric constant of Nomex products, the insulation and cooling medium The electric field distribution is more uniform;

2. Mechanical toughness

The calendered NOMEX insulating paper has very high strength, good elasticity, tear resistance and abrasion resistance, while thinner products have flexibility;

3. Thermal stability

It has UL material temperature rating of 220°C, which means it can maintain effective performance for more than 10 years even if it is continuously placed at 220°C

4. Chemical compatibility DuPont Nomex insulation paper

It is basically not affected by most solvents, and is very resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. It is easily compatible with all varnishes, adhesives, transformer fluids, lubricants and cooling agents. In addition, NOMEX insulation paper will not be damaged by insects, fungi and mold;

5. Low temperature performance

At the boiling point of nitrogen (77K), the tensile strength of NOMEX insulating paper T410 and NOMEX993, 994 type laminates exceeds the strength value at room temperature;

6. Not sensitive to moisture

The dielectric strength of NOMEX insulating paper is 95% in a completely dry state when the phase humidity is 95%, and at the same time, many mechanical properties have actually improved;

7. Radiation resistance

Even if the intensity of ionizing radiation reaches 800 megarads (8 megarads), It is basically unaffected, and it still maintains its mechanical and electrical properties after 8 doses of such radiation;

8. Non-toxic/flame-resistant

NOMEX insulation paper does not produce any known toxic reactions to humans or animals. NOMEX insulation paper does not melt in the air and does not support combustion, and its oxygen limit index (LOI) is greater than 20.8 at 220°C (generally empty combustion critical Value), so it will not burn. Nomex insulation paper meets the flame resistance requirements of UL94V-0.

DuPont insulating paper is made of two types of aromatic polyamide polymers, with insulation, shielding, anti-interference, provides high electrical insulation, mechanical strength, softness and elasticity, especially withstands acids and alkalis Corrosion, tear resistance and wear resistance, not sensitive to moisture, non-toxic, flame-resistant, has a strong inherent dielectric strength, mechanical toughness, flexibility and resilience, thermal stability is relatively good. Widely used in generators, transformers, electrical equipment, electromechanical and household appliances.

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