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Future hot melt adhesives, see which one you need?

xinstFeb 12, 2020

The development of technology stems from the transformation of the industry. In the future, under the globalization trend of the hot melt adhesive industry, the demand will be more diversified, and the gradually large-scale hot melt adhesive enterprises will also have sufficient strength to do basic research. Product homogeneity is gaining advantage in the market, so the development of technology is almost inevitable.

High-strength hot melt adhesive

Adhesive strength is the core property of the adhesive. Hot-melt adhesives must be used to improve the strength of the adhesives if they are to be used in applications where the strength is extremely high.

Strong polarity and good wettability are often the characteristics of adhesives that can achieve high bonding strength. Because hot melt adhesives have no solvent, fluidity and wettability are short boards. The main improvement of the adhesive strength of hot melt adhesives should be from Start with the polarity and wettability of hot melt adhesives.

High speed hot melt adhesive

The high efficiency of hot-melt adhesives is widely recognized, because as long as the hot-melt adhesives are cooled, they can harden and form bonds. Cigarette mouthpiece sticking speed can reach 20,000 sticks / minute, book binding can reach 18000 books / hour, and diaper production can reach 1000 pieces / minute.

In the future, it may be possible to further increase the speed of hot-melt adhesive sizing and expand this advantage, mainly by accelerating the hardening speed, increasing the thermal viscosity, reducing the specific heat of the material, and optimizing the equipment.

Low temperature hot melt adhesive

Sizing temperature is one of the issues that materials engineers pay most attention to. Low sizing temperature can not only reduce material damage, extend equipment life, save energy consumption, but also reduce the public welfare effect of carbon emissions. Therefore, low temperature hot melt Gum is bound to be a promising research direction.

Low density hot melt adhesive

In many cases, reducing the material density to achieve lightweighting has many advantages, such as reducing energy consumption and saving resources. The adhesive strength of the adhesive actually depends on the bonding area rather than the weight of the adhesive itself, which makes low-density hot-melt adhesives a reliable research direction.

Achieving low density can be achieved not only through improved material density (such as using polyolefin-based materials), but also through manufacturing processes, such as foamed hot melt adhesives

Odorless hot melt adhesive

Under the situation that people pay more and more attention to health, especially in the automobile, sanitary ware, food, toys, furniture and other industries, odorless hot melt adhesive is the best product to reduce the doubt of end consumers.

The odor-free should be achieved by improving the raw materials, minimizing small molecular substances, and using low-odor or even odor-free raw materials, such as hydrogenated rosin esters.

Materialized hot melt adhesive

Through special molding process, making hot-melt adhesive into film-like, mesh-like, tape-like, linear material will become a development trend of hot-melt adhesive. Nowadays, the market of hot-melt adhesive film, hot-melt adhesive web film, hot-melt tape, and hot-melt adhesive line is growing at a high speed. Such hot-melt adhesive materials are compounded with other materials, which is more conducive to downstream enterprises to achieve large-scale production and clean production.

Degradable hot melt adhesive

Environmental protection is a big trend, and environmental protection is also a relative concept. Although hot melt adhesives are environmentally friendly adhesives, they are limited to environmental protection that is not harmful to the human body, not environmental protection at the level of recycling or degradability. In the future, if hot melt adhesive products that can be easily recycled or naturally degradable can be developed, there must be a good development prospect.

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