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Hot melt adhesive film for PI film

xinst8月 11, 2020

As a polymer film die-cutting material developed in the past ten years, PI film has quickly established its position in the field of organic film materials and has been widely used due to its excellent comprehensive performance. So how much do you know about the hot melt adhesive film of PI film?

500F polyester polyimide film Hot melt PI film

PI film is also called polyimide film, and its main component is polyimide, which is one of the films with high temperature resistance and good stability. PI film is a kind of film widely used in the field of electronic products. The color is usually brown and black. The hot melt adhesive film types used in film bonding are PA and PES hot melt adhesive films.

The main component of PA hot melt adhesive film is copolyamide, which has certain commonalities with PI film in composition. Therefore, when using PA hot melt adhesive film to bond PI film, its viscosity It is very good, and the melting point of PA hot melt adhesive film is relatively high, generally around 115℃-130℃, which belongs to high temperature hot melt adhesive film. The recommended use temperature is 140-160℃, and it still has good adhesion at high temperature Performance and stability, which are also in line with the characteristics of PI membrane applications. PA hot melt adhesive film is transparent and non-elastic,

The main component of PES hot melt adhesive film is copolyester, which is also good for PI film. The biggest feature of PES hot melt adhesive film is that it has excellent washing resistance. It can maintain good adhesion even under water conditions, and the cost will be relatively lower, but the viscosity is better than PA hot melt adhesive The membrane is slightly worse.

The melting point of PES hot melt adhesive film is about 105°C-115°C, which is a medium-temperature hot melt adhesive film. The recommended use temperature is 130-160°C, the temperature resistance does not exceed 80°C , and the color is white and matte, without elasticity.

Adhesive processing of adhesive film for PI film

Many friends are not very clear about how the hot melt adhesive film is backed to the PI film, so let's share with you the method of how to back the hot melt adhesive film to the PI film (polyimide film).

First of all, the use of hot melt adhesive film requires the help of pressing tools, such as industrial irons or laminating machines. Take an industrial iron as an example. First align the hot melt adhesive film with the backing paper with the inside of the PI film, with the backing paper facing out, and then use the industrial iron to heat and iron on the backing paper to make heat conduction The adhesive layer in the middle makes it melt and sticky, and sticks the PI film. Because the other side is protected by the backing paper, the adhesive film will not directly stick to the iron. Wait for it to cool down and then peel off the backing. The protective paper completes the adhesive work of the product.

If you want to back glue the hot melt adhesive film without backing paper to the PI film, you need to use a flatbed or roller compound machine for operation.

The adhesive-backed PI film also needs to use pressing tools in the later use. For example, use an iron or pressing machine to press one side of the PI film, and the PI film with the adhesive can be bonded with other materials. , To complete the bonding of the final product.

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