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How to distinguish between good and bad on colored tape

xinst2月 24, 2020

How to distinguish between good and bad on colored tape

It is fuzzy for colored tape to facilitate marking and use of more general beige and khaki.
Many people think that the color tape is the color of the film, but the color is the color of the glue.
Then quickly squeeze away, you can pull the glue out on one side, you can see the purity and transparency of the original film.
The most important thing is to look at the thickness of the glue.
If no glue is opened or opened, this glue has a lot of impurities and the glue has no adhesion.

3M 5345 5361 Acrylic Foam Tape
Second, too much water has evaporated, and this tape is so sticky that it feels judgeable.
Apply a plastic coating on the yellow tape. The better the coverage, the thicker the glue and the better the quality.
Compared with the appearance of the tape, there is less glue, the color of the adhesive roll is dark, and the transmittance is high after the tape is pulled.
The color difference of the roll and pull of the rear ribbon is because the good sealing tape has a strong hiding power, and there is no color difference superposition.

The impurities of the coating on the inferior tape are applied to the BOPP film. There is only a method of directly applying the glue on the back. Therefore, there are often cases where the large particles do not completely dissolve the cutter. ).
Adhesive tape using soft grinding transfer method, wireless (less tape leakage to the printer).
Another method of distinguishing is to look at the tape. There are bubbles when the tape is just finished. After leaving it for a week, the bubbles are dispersed. The surface of the plain weave grease glue tape is smooth without white spots.
Impurities are doped with many irregular white tapes, which are unevenly pressed by hand, unlike bubbles.

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